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Ribbons Galore in Australian Homespun magazine

Ribbons Galore had a little appearance in the August 2014 edition of Australian Homespun magazine. The window shopping theme in this edition was "village road show".

Ribbons Galore in Homespun magazine August 2014

The featured ribbon is the 'street view' ribbon which is perfect for using on projects for little boys. It can be seen centre left... on the right page.

Homespun magazine August 2014

The magazine is now available online (from and in newsagencies, supermarkets and craft shops around Australia. Print copies should be available in Europe and North America in two to three weeks time.




Ribbons Galore is offering 20% off Janea's World ribbons

Ribbons Galore Janea's World ribbon sale

These beautiful German ribbons are currently on sale at Ribbons Galore. They have been reduced by 20%, and if you purchase 25 metres or more of one design, you will receive 30% off. No coupon is needed, discounts will be automatically deducted during checkout. You can find the full range by clicking HERE.

Hope you can find something to finish off your latest crafty project.



a dress for phoebe

Every now and again I remind my girls that I can sew. I have actually been sewing for a very long time. I made many of their little dresses and clothes when they were younger, have made the concert costumes for their pre-school and school concerts and musicals, and even further back... made my clothes before these two girls were even born! These days I tend to sew "things" rather than clothes.

So, when my girls talk about buying a dress... describing the style... I say, you could make that (they both know how to sew themselves) or I can make that for you... my comments usually fall on deaf ears (accompanied with a roll of the eyes).

When Phoebe recently chatted about a simple dress she liked AND actually mentioned that I maybe could make it for her... I jumped at the chance. Then it dawned on me that it had probably been 10 years or more since I'd made her a dress (concert costumes not included).

The pressure was on... mess this up, and I'd probably not be asked again :)

She picked the dress pattern and the fabric. I made the dress and, thankfully, she's happy with it!

Here is the dress with Phoebe on their first outing.

Living on the crafty side of life blog

The fabric she picked was a lovely cotton quilting fabric, Suzani by Michelle Marvig for Charles Parsons

Living on the crafty side of life blog

The checked bias binding was used to edge the neckline and sleeves. 

Living on the crafty side of life blog

The pattern we used was a Very Easy Vogue Pattern #V8805.

Living on the crafty side of life blog

I'll leave you with one last shot of the new dress and it's owner. And yes, there has been an indication that I might be allowed to make another dress.

Living on the crafty side of life blog

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ribbons galore custom order: luggage tags | key rings

Recently I received a request to make 25 luggage tags, in the same style as the ribbon key rings I make and sell over at Ribbons Galore. They were for a tour group which I assume are travelling to Japan (my assumption based purely on the ribbon chosen for these tags).


I love making custom orders, the more in the order the merrier, cause I set myself up a little production line, completing one task at a time.


First task with these tags was to cut the cotton webbing and the ribbon into pieces and have them stacked next to my sewing machine. Then the ribbon is stitched to the webbing.


A little tip: when I'm stitching a polyester ribbon to cotton webbing (or cotton fabric for that matter), I always iron the ribbon with a warm iron (not hot). There is usually a little shrinkage with polyester ribbons, and by ironing them now (before you sew), you avoid the ribbon puckering once sewn to it's cotton base.


Each piece of webbing/ribbon is then folded in half so I can sew the two raw edges together. I add this step into the process so both ends of the webbing stay in place once the metal end is clamped. You see, the metal clamp has "teeth" on one side only. When the metal end is clamped only one side of the webbing is held with these teeth. By stitching the two ends together, you are making a more secure key ring or tag. And I speak from experience, one of the first key rings I made did not last very long, one side of the webbing pulled out of the metal end. Since sewing the two ends together, the key rings have stayed in place!


Next step, and this is an optional one, but I really like to be sure that my key rings will stay in tact. I like to glue the webbing ends to the metal end. I use a strong glue.



Then leave them to dry a little.


Time for clamping, this is the part where you close the metal end around the webbing ends. I always clamp these as tight as possible.


Once that is done, the split rings are added and you're finished.


I had a 24 hour turnaround for these, they had to be packed up and on the plane to Hong Kong (well at least in the hands of Australia Post) one day after receiving the order. I made it, and they were on their way in time.


Would love to see what they all looked like on the luggage as a group.

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PS: the ribbon used is the gorgeous miss ling on grey ribbon, available from Ribbons Galore. Webbing and key fob hardware available also from Ribbons Galore.



Easter is just around the corner, well about a month away, so thought I'd list some of my favourite Easter ideas I've made over the last few years.

I've also been adding lots of Easter ideas to my Easter board at Pinterest, if you'd like to see more gorgeous ideas.

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Anyway, here's some old favourites.....

Pom pom chicks: (with tutorial) 


Bubble corduroy easter bags (with tutorial):


Little felt easter bags (with tutorial):



eggIE softie: (with pattern and tutorial)


Colourful bunnies:


Soft bunny:


Easter bunny packaging:


Decorating easter eggs:


I'd like to thank the EveryEtsy blog for featuring my pom pom chicks above in their 101 Handmade Easter Craft ideas post. As the name suggests there's 101 crafty ideas for Easter project, well worth taking a look at all the lovely ideas listed.


Thanks for visiting. Happy crafting.



ribbons galore in better homes and gardens magazine

I returned from our January holiday to find a couple of my handmade key rings in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine (the Australian February 2012 edition).



About six months ago I was asked to make several key rings in a few different summery colour ways. It was great to open up the magazine and see which key rings were chosen {the birdy ribbon is one of my favourites}.

All the cotton webbing and key fob hardware are available at Ribbons Galore. They are a very easy project to make.

Handmade ribbon key rings are also available in the handmade section on the Ribbons Galore website


Fiona x


homespun magazine

Ribbons Galore had some ribbons featured in the Window Shopping pages of the latest Homespun Magazine (July 2011). The whole section featured products with cute reindeer designs, many of them being of the Rudolf variety, for a Christmas in July special.

Ribbons Galore Rudolf ribbons
The ribbons featured are the very cute Ruldolf the Red Nosed Reindeer ribbons.

Ribbons galore blue reindeer ribbon 1 
Ribbons galore pink reindeer ribbon 1

They are beautiful quality ribbons, perfect for all your Christmas sewing (even in July). I made a little carry bag/gift bag with the pink Rudolf ribbon last Christmas.





sewing for Samaritan's Purse

Last week Emily and I visited Samaritan's Purse's office here in Sydney. Emily had sewn skirts and draw-string bags for Samaritan's Purse as her service component of her Duke of Edinburgh, which she had to deliver. These skirts and bags will hopefully be included in some Christmas Child shoe boxes for this year.

EFC sewing

She sewed very cute elastic waited skirts, some with rick rack trim along the hems....

EFC sewing skirt

EFC sewing skirts

While we were out there I collected six empty Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. My aim is to make something, skirts, bags or toys to fill these boxes ready to send out later in the year. Hopefully my girls will help me a little with this project through the year :) Looking forward to a year of sewing!

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welcome 2011

Happy New Year!

We've just returned from a short break in the Hunter Valley which was very relaxing. Now our thoughts are turning to back to school and work over the next couple of weeks... where have the holidays have gone? This afternoon I've raised the hems on a couple of new school uniform dresses and ironed on name labels onto several new uniform pieces. We have one excited 12 year heading off to high school very soon. Covering the text books is one of the next jobs on our list.

As I organise our new uniforms, I've also been sorting out the old ones, the uniforms that have been worn (and filled my laundry) for the past decade. Most have paint stains on them, a sign, I hope, of a little creativity that has been enjoyed by my two gorgeous girls at some time over the last 10 years...


I have some exciting Ribbons Galore news which I really should have shared at the end of 2010 (but due to circumstances beyond my control, last year didn't end as I planned).

Earlier last year I was contacted by the lovely Toni Coward of Make It Perfect. She was interested in using some ribbons for her new project, a new book called "Make it Perfect". A couple of weeks ago I finally bought the book while I was in th city at Kinokuniya (I also bought the latest Cotton Time, I just couldn't resist!). Toni's book is gorgeous. The projects are fun, bright and happy with a mixture of projects/clothes for kids and adults. The patterns are full sized (no need to enlarge) and multi sized.


Here's a couple of pictures of the book...



My first project will be an apron from the book. Just trying to pick the right fabric.

Ribbons Galore was also featured in Donna Hay magazine (Dec 2010/Jan 2011 edition).


This time of year is normally a time for relaxation, with many families enjoying the school holidays. Unfortunately this is not the case for many, many people across Australia at the moment, not such a happy new year for everyone.

Toni Coward and her sister Carli are co-ordinating fund raising auctions/raffles for those affected by the Queensland floods. I'll be joining in the fund raising effort with a raffle for some Ribbons Galore ribbons. I'll be posting more details in the next couple of days. In the meantime, please visit Toni's blog to read more about this fund raising effort and current auctions.