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the NEW Ribbons Galore website is open

RG is open

After many months of development the new Ribbons Galore is now open for business. I'm really excited with the finished website, and I'm still learning how to "drive" it.

Here's just a few new and improved features you'll find....

  • You'll now find better quality images of our products.
  • There's an improved shopping cart and checkout system.
  • You can now buy whole rolls of grosgrain ribbon in RG WHOLESALE.
  • Over the next few months new craft products will be added to the CRAFT STORE, these products will compliment our ribbons.
  • There's a new HOW TO'S section, where customers can follow crafty tutorials (and there's more to come soon).

If you'd like to keep up to date with our news and specials, and received discounts, please sign up for our newsletter. Hope you enjoy browsing and shopping at the NEW Ribbons Galore.

There's other ways to stay in touch with Ribbons Galore too:

  • Instagram (take a sneak peek behind the scenes of Ribbons Galore). Search ribbons_galore on Instagram on your phone, or you can now follow Ribbons Galore on Instagram on the web.
  • Pinterest (I love Pinterest), not only can you find Ribbons Galore images, but you can find fabulous ideas for ribbons from others. Or you can share images from the Ribbons Galore website to your own boards.
  • Follow Ribbons Galore on Facebook.
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merry christmas

I'd like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe 2013.

Thanks for dropping by my blog in 2012. In 2013 I hope to share more ideas and crafty-ness with you.


Thank you to my customers for visiting and shopping at Ribbons Galore throughout 2012.

Ribbons Galore is now closed for a Christmas/summer break. The online store will remain open during our break and you can still place orders. Orders placed during this time will be packed and posted from Monday 21 January 2013.

2013 will see Ribbons Galore open with a brand new website. I've had the website and online store completely rebuilt with many new features and I look forward to sharing it with you when Ribbons Galore reopens later in January.


Fiona xx

new ribbons @ ribbons galore [part 1]

Lots of new ribbons have been arriving at Ribbons Galore, here's a few, and there are more coming next week. [Click on the image to see more details of each ribbon].

Ribbons Galore christmas is coming ribbon  Ribbons Galore angles ribbon bundle  Ribbons Galore angels ribbon

Ribbons Galore anchors ribbon  Ribbons Galore anchors ribbon  Ribbons Galore on the marina ribbon

Ribbons Galore happy fish ribbon  Ribbons Galore aqua striped ribbon  Ribbons Galore doily flowers ribbon

Ribbons Galore doily flowers ribbon  Ribbons Galore doily flowers ribbon  Ribbons Galore doily flowers ribbon

Ribbons Galore romantic ribbon  Ribbons Galore romantic ribbon  Ribbons Galore romantic ribbon

Ribbons Galore little world ribbon  Ribbons Galore babushka ribbon  Ribbons Galore pink green ribbons bundle

There'll be more new ribbons added soon, with three deliveries arriving in the last few days. Better start photographing!



Edited... If you'd like to get a little behind the scenes view of Ribbons Galore, and see the latest arrivals, look out for Ribbons Galore on Instagram [search ribbons_galore].


bakers twine at ribbons galore

I've been re-photographing all the bakers twine which I have for sale at Ribbons Galore, thought I'd share all the new images here including the new colours which have just come in... such pretty colours for spring and summer!

Ribbons Galore bakers twine | new colours

Here's the individual spools, with some comparisons between the new colours and some older bakers twine colours.

Ribbons Galore raspberry & white bakers twine  Ribbons Galore pink & white bakers twine 

New raspberry & white bakers twine (above left) and pink & white bakers twine on the right, with the two shown side by side below...

Ribbons Galore bakers twine colour comparison

Ribbons Galore peach & white bakers twine  Ribbons Galore orange & white bakers twine 

New peach & white bakers twine (above left) and orange & white bakers twine on the right. Peach and orange bakers twine comparision below...

Ribbons Galore bakers twine colour comparison

Ribbons Galore teal & white bakers twine  Ribbons Galore aqua & white bakers twine

New teal & white bakers twine (above left) and aqua & white bakers twine (above right). The two colours below...

Ribbons Galore bakers twine colour comparison

Here's all the existing colours:

Ribbons Galore pink, red & white bakers twine  Ribbons Galore red & white twine

Red, pink & white bakers twine on the left, and red and white bakers twine (right).

Ribbons Galore Christmas bakers twine  Ribbons Galore green & white bakers twine

Christmas bakers twine (red, green and white) on the left, and green & white bakers twine (right).

Ribbons Galore blueberry & white bakers twine  Ribbons Galore red, white & blue bakers twine

Blueberry & white bakers twine (left) and red, white & blue bakers twine on the right.

Ribbons Galore purple & white bakers twine  Ribbons Galore brown sugar & white bakers twine

Purple & white bakers twine (left), brown sugar & white bakers twine (right).

Ribbons Galore oyster grey & white bakers twine  Ribbons Galore black & white bakers twine

Oyster grey & white bakers twine (left), black & white bakers twine (right).

RibbonsGalore Halloween bakers twine  Ribbons Galore yellow & white bakers twine

Haloween (orange, black & white) bakers twine on the left, yellow & white bakers twine (right).

So that's it, the full set of colours currently available at Ribbons Galore.

If you'd like to see some creative uses for bakers twine, I have a Bakers Twine pinboard over at Pinterest if you're interested in seeing some ideas. I keep trying to add to it whenever I find a good idea for using it.

I just love using it to tie up my ribbon bundles these days...

Ribbons Galore christmas ribbon bundle Ribbons Galore bundle

Thanks for dropping by...


Fiona x

there's a puppy in the house

Back in May our little puppy joined our family. She's a beautiful black miniature schnauzer, with a gorgeous temperament, who loves having lots of cuddles.  We got her from Tricia at Razinpaws, and if you are looking for a miniature schnauzer, I would certainly recommend Tricia to provide you with a beautiful, loving little puppy.

First day at home @ 8 weeks old

Now, a lovely little girl needs to have some pretty accessories, and one of my Ribbons Galore customers made us a little puppy harness and lead for Bella.

Karen runs Saffron on the Hill, a doggy rescue organisation in Victoria. She raises money to look after the rescue dogs by making and selling dog collars, leads and harnesses. You can find Saffron on the Hill on Facebook, please drop by and say hello! And there's now a new website, Saffron on the Hill, which has these gorgeous doggy accessories for sale.

Below is the pretty pink harness and lead we received from Karen in the mail one day...

RG owls.IMG_5095

It has been very difficult to get nice photos of Bella with her harness. Being a busy and very fast black puppy, my attempts of taking photos often result in a black blur where there should be a cute puppy. My best attempt at getting a photo of her and her harness came after giving her a bone... and she actually stopped for a few minutes to eat it!



There's been a couple of little milestones so far in our puppy's life. First was to go out for walks beyond the safety of her backyard. She loved it [and so did the girls]!


The next milestone was to run free [without the lead] in the doggy park, she loved that too once she realised she wasn't attached to the humans anymore!

miniature schnauzer

Well that's our puppy update from the last couple of months. I'm sure there will be more doggy photos in the future :)

Thanks for visiting!



ribbons galore custom order: luggage tags | key rings

Recently I received a request to make 25 luggage tags, in the same style as the ribbon key rings I make and sell over at Ribbons Galore. They were for a tour group which I assume are travelling to Japan (my assumption based purely on the ribbon chosen for these tags).


I love making custom orders, the more in the order the merrier, cause I set myself up a little production line, completing one task at a time.


First task with these tags was to cut the cotton webbing and the ribbon into pieces and have them stacked next to my sewing machine. Then the ribbon is stitched to the webbing.


A little tip: when I'm stitching a polyester ribbon to cotton webbing (or cotton fabric for that matter), I always iron the ribbon with a warm iron (not hot). There is usually a little shrinkage with polyester ribbons, and by ironing them now (before you sew), you avoid the ribbon puckering once sewn to it's cotton base.


Each piece of webbing/ribbon is then folded in half so I can sew the two raw edges together. I add this step into the process so both ends of the webbing stay in place once the metal end is clamped. You see, the metal clamp has "teeth" on one side only. When the metal end is clamped only one side of the webbing is held with these teeth. By stitching the two ends together, you are making a more secure key ring or tag. And I speak from experience, one of the first key rings I made did not last very long, one side of the webbing pulled out of the metal end. Since sewing the two ends together, the key rings have stayed in place!


Next step, and this is an optional one, but I really like to be sure that my key rings will stay in tact. I like to glue the webbing ends to the metal end. I use a strong glue.



Then leave them to dry a little.


Time for clamping, this is the part where you close the metal end around the webbing ends. I always clamp these as tight as possible.


Once that is done, the split rings are added and you're finished.


I had a 24 hour turnaround for these, they had to be packed up and on the plane to Hong Kong (well at least in the hands of Australia Post) one day after receiving the order. I made it, and they were on their way in time.


Would love to see what they all looked like on the luggage as a group.

Thanks for visiting.



PS: the ribbon used is the gorgeous miss ling on grey ribbon, available from Ribbons Galore. Webbing and key fob hardware available also from Ribbons Galore.


Happy Easter from Ribbons Galore [and a 10% discount coupon]


Wishing you a happy Easter. If you fancy a little ribbon shopping over the Easter long weekend, here's a 10% discount coupon for you to use.

You can redeem this coupon during checkout. Just enter the code in the box provided, and click on the redeem button.

[ETA: the sale has now finished, thanks to all who visited Ribbons Galore during this time].

The coupon code is: HappyEaster2012

The coupon is valid between 04/04/2012 and 11/04/2012 (Australian time).

Coupon is valid for in store items only and is not available for special orders.

We look forward to you visiting Ribbons Galore



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easter buckets waiting to be filled

With Easter only a few weeks away, its time to start decorating some little buckets ready for some little chocolately eggs.


I've recently started stocking some very cute baby pom pom trim at Ribbons Galore, these trims seem to suit some Easter crafting perfectly. 


I've just used some glue to stick the pom pom trim and ribbon in place on the buckets.


And finished decorating them with some little grosgrain bows (also at Ribbons Galore).


Now we're ready for a little Easter egg hunt :)

Thanks for visiting...



ribbons galore photography

Yesterday I spent an enjoyable afternoon in my little studio photographing lots of new ribbons for Ribbons Galore. I'm loving my new props, these vintage wooden bobbins which I bought last year from Europe. Here's a few favourite photos from the session...

Ribbons Galore new ribbons Feb 2012


Ribbons Galore new ribbons Feb 2012

Ribbons Galore new ribbons Feb 2012

The ribbons will be on the Ribbons Galore website next week... I'm busy added them to the website at the moment :)

Have a good weekend.


Fiona x

ribbons galore in better homes and gardens magazine

I returned from our January holiday to find a couple of my handmade key rings in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine (the Australian February 2012 edition).



About six months ago I was asked to make several key rings in a few different summery colour ways. It was great to open up the magazine and see which key rings were chosen {the birdy ribbon is one of my favourites}.

All the cotton webbing and key fob hardware are available at Ribbons Galore. They are a very easy project to make.

Handmade ribbon key rings are also available in the handmade section on the Ribbons Galore website


Fiona x