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the Leukaemia Foundation World's Greatest Shave

... or in our case the World's Greatest Hair Colouring.


My gorgeous little girl, Phoebe, has decided to raise money this year for the Leukaemia Foundation by colouring her hair.

She's set up her PROFILE PAGE on the World's Greatest Shave fundraising site, which is now open for sponsorship.

Phoebe asked me to post about her fundraising here on my blog, which I am so happy to do, I hope you will visit her page. You can also leave her a message of encouragement over on her profile page... maybe suggest the colour she should dye her hair, cause she's having trouble deciding at the moment.


Thanks for reading, and thank you from Phoebe.

Hope you have a great weekend.


Fiona x

we have a winner...

...of the Maya Road cupcakes stamp set...

<insert drum roll please>

And the winner is...


Congratulations Jody, I'll be in touch by email to arrange delivery of your newest baking delights!

Thank you to everyone who left me lovely comments. I wish I had enough cupcakes stamps to send to everyone.

Not much to report on creatively-wise. I have a quilt half cut which I'll be making for Emily (currently taking up most of the surface of the kitchen table).

Ribbons Galore has some ribbons perfect for Valentine's Day projects...

Hugs-n-kisses-pink  Hugs-n-kisses-white

Valentines-day-white  Valentines-day-pink 

Hearts-spots-red  Hearts-spots-pink 

Just thought a share a few photos from last weekend.

Phoebe decided to add to her repertoire of sporting activities recently. So along with the athletics, soccer and basketball which currently consume a lot of her spare time, she decided she'd like to compete in a triathlon. We found the Weet-Bix kids TRY-athlon for her to enter which was last weekend out at Homebush. It was such a fantastically organised event with over 2500 kids entered in the Sydney event alone. There were no winners, the kids weren't timed, they were just given the opportunity to try a triathlon.




Has she caught the triathlon bug? Apparently....yes. I'm just applying to have that eighth day added to the week so we can fit it in.

I should also mention that these are not my own photos, they were taken by professionals, Super Sports Images, at the event and we were able to purchase these.

Well that's about all for this week. Happy Friday and I hope you have a great weekend.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Fiona x

Fabric love

I have a new fabric designer to add to my favourites list. Erin McMorris. And her latest fabric collection is called Park Slope by Free Spirit Fabric. I mentioned in my previous post I'd finally bought some of this wonderfully happy and bright fabric. And here's a look at my new fabric piles, they look so pretty together.




I found this fabric at the Fat Quarter Shop. Great service, I had my fabric (and there were some extra fat quarters I purchased as well, but that's for another post) within a week of ordering.

Below is a sneaky peek of my first project sewn with my new Park Slope fabric. I can't give too much away just yet as it's for my swap partner in Mel's gratitude swap group.


I'll finish off today with the links to two fabulous little stores I visited last week. A friend and I go off every couple of months on little shopping trips around Sydney. We both have a love of food and crafty things, so we're finding (or in some cases re-discovering) great little spots around Sydney. Our last visit found us in Summer Hill and Leichhardt.

I used to live in Leichhardt for a few years when I was first married. Emily spent the first 11 months of her life there (which is why we say she loves her pasta having spent many evenings in her pram while Paul and I had pasta for dinner in the fabulous cafe's along Norton Street). Anyway, back to last week. Here's two stores we visited:

  • Rick Rack Retro : Stepping into this store was like stepping back into my childhood.
  • Reclaim : Monica Trapaga's fabulous store full of beautiful things.

That's all for now. School holidays start today - YAY. I say it every time "I love school holidays!"

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Fiona x

catch up time

Life's busy as always. Everyone says the same thing.

Firstly, thank you for all the lovely comments and emails about the pouches/pencil cases/make up bags I've been making (see my previous post). I've had several inquiries about making custom pouches or cases. Yes I certainly can make these up, you can choose the ribbon from Ribbons Galore, and I'll match fabrics. Just email me, and we'll go from there.

In other news...

Emily has turned 13! I am now the mother of a teenager. She hasn't changed much in the last few days... being a teenager now, she's still as lovely as ever. She is home sick this week though, with the latest bug that seems to be going around the schools here.

She had her party last weekend. We made the invitations...


Used lots of scraps and sewing for these.


... and we made the thank you cards while we were printing and sewing and creating...


20+ girls arrived at our house last Sunday for the party. We walked to a local Thai (Bai Yok, Castlecrag) for dinner. The restaurant was great, its our favourite local for delicious Thai food. Then we walked home for Ice cream Cupcakes, which were a big hit. One of the girls at the party grabbed our camera and took this photo on the night.


On Saturday night we went to Broad at the Sydney Opera House. Five female singer/songwriters of very different genres singing, playing and chatting on stage for a couple of hours. Fantastic.


Phoebe's soccer season continues... Last weekend was Gala Day  and her team won. All the games were great and well matched. I think it was the hair ribbons the girls wore on the day that increased their enthusiasm.


This should have marked the end of the soccer season for Phoebe, but no, she's been picked to play in the under 11's girls representative team for our region, so the soccer training continues a little longer. She is so excited to be in this team, she loves her soccer.


I have a few other things to catch up on. I've been tagged by Miki (I'm getting there, Miki) and I've received an award from Sophia (very exciting). I'll work on these two in new posts very soon.

Hope you have a great week.

Thanks for visiting.


Fiona x

snapshot from sydney

It's a beautiful sunny winter's day here in Sydney. Just thought I'd share a photo from this morning's activities.


Taken from the headland between Curl Curl and Freshwater beaches. Looking towards Manly beach.

We walked between the two beaches this morning, then had morning tea/coffee at the cafe at the South Curl Curl Beach SLSC. Gorgeous location right on the beach.

Hope you're having a great day.


Fiona x

happy birthday

Phoebe, my baby, turned 10 last weekend.


She had a good weekend. A visit to the Beanie Cave to add to the collection, a visit to the hairdressers for a side fringe, a visit to the Lindt Cafe at Cockle Bay for afternoon tea, presents from her birthday wish list, pasta dinner at Galletta Bar in Leichhardt, several candle blowing ceremonies as we visited family and friends, a sleep over with a friend.... I think that's about all.

It was a fun {long} weekend.

Then 36 cupcakes were sent to school yesterday just so the celebrations could be extended an extra day (and I thought there were only 29 in her class?)

Thanks for visiting, hope you have a great week.

Fiona x

a little catch up

We've all been a bit under the weather around our house over the last week. We're feeling better this week, thankfully.

Some non-crafting news: A friend of ours has started embracing life in the slow lane and has started a blog to reflect on his finds. Take a look at the Slow Lane blog.

And there's just a few things to share from me from the past week.

Made this little fabric bookmark as part of a present for Phoebe's friend last weekend. It is inspired by a a m s' work over on flickr, here are some of her bookmarks. My bookmark is more "rustic", shall we say, and could be a good one for the kids to make - hand stitch the felt monogram to the fabric and straight machine stitching around the edge.



A quick card I made last week....


I've been back at school this morning playing working with Phoebe. It is Education Day. My tasks were to paint the sun and make a find-a-word. Loved sitting with the kids painting and chatting.


That's about all, short and sweet today.

Thanks for visiting.


Fiona x

a pink post

I haven't shared the new love in my life. I never thought I'd be so smitten with a kitchen appliance, but I am. I love this machine. My gorgeous family bought me a KitchenAid for Christmas. The hard thing was choosing a colour. If you know about KitchenAids, you'll know their appliances are available in a fantastic range of colours.

When I went to the store to order my machine, I still hadn't decided on a colour. I had narrowed it down to either white or pink. The Gemini twins in me were having a huge tug of war in my head. The practical twin was saying get the WHITE, it'll go with everything. The other completely non-practical twin was whispering get the PINK, you really want the pink, who cares if it doesn't go with the blue kitchen! The shop assistant was on the phone ready to order the machine, asking me which colour. PINK came out of my mouth in reply, and so a pink KitchenAid was ordered.


It certainly looks best with pink icing...


Phoebe's basketball team is called the Hotcakes. We had the team BBQ a couple of weeks ago and Phoebe and I made pink Hotcakes cupcakes to take. I iced the cakes this time with a piping bag and really loved the effect.


We added a little pink surprise in the cakes before cooking them. With the cake mixture in the patty pans (with pink cupcake papers), a small amount of pink food colouring was swirled through each cake. We did this with a tooth pick dipped in the food colouring.



Make sure you swirl the tooth pick deep into the cake, and not just on the surface.


Here are the cakes cooked with their pretty pink swirls.


Once cooked, cooled and the cakes are iced, the pink swirl will only be revealed once you bite into the cake. This is a bit of a cheats way of making marble cupcakes.

Last week, the Hotcakes won their basketball gala day. Another trophy for the trophy cabinet! Another pink moment...


Hope you're all having a great week. Thanks for visiting.



for bunny lovers only

This is for the bunny lovers who read my blog, a bit of Monday silliness.

Yesterday the girls decided it was a good idea to give the bunnies a bath. During the week we'd found bunny shampoo in the pet store which, of course, we just HAD to have. Bunnies are extremely clean little creatures and our bunnies have never been given a bath in the 4 1/2 years that they have lived with us (they are brushed several times a week, though).

Butterscotch, as you can see below, quite enjoyed the experience relaxing in the tub with warm soapy water....


Bubbles wasn't as relaxed about the whole experience...


But she did enjoy the blow dry afterwards...


Bubbles and Butterscotch are now very fluffy ready for their Easter photo shoot.

{please note: no bunny was harmed during this activity}

Enjoy your Monday.




no particular topic, just rambling

Thought I'd better get a second post up before the end of January.

The girls are back at school, all's quiet around the house. Emily has started at her new high school, is happy and excited about everything going on there. Phoebe has her new class already, and is pretty happy with that too.

Holidays were lovely and relaxing... I do love school holidays.

Here's a few photos and ramblings from the things that we did during the holidays.

We took Phoebe out to the Athletics Stadium out at Homebush to participate in the Little Diva Dash organised by Athletics NSW. She got to meet Jana Rawlinson and run a 400m 'fun-run' around the athletics track. In true diva-style, Phoebe adorned her hair with Ribbons Galore ribbons!

Divadash Divadash1

We went kayaking last weekend on Pittwater. We hired a couple of kayaks form Paddlecraft at Bayview, and paddled our way around to Church Point, enjoyed our coffees/milkshakes and bacon and egg rolls from the cafe there, then paddled back to Bayview. It was a beautiful morning and lots of fun.



We gave Emily a new bead for her bracelet the night before she started back to school. A little drum for the drummer girl of our family. It is very cute, the drum is silver with little gold drum sticks on the top. This one is a Pandora bead, but it still fits on her Bacio bracelet.


I took Phoebe to the Sydney Wildlife World at Darling Harbour one day. It's a great centre, the displays and exhibitions are informative and it is different from the zoo, so you do get a different experience. At the end of the centre you have the opportunity to walk through the butterfly display, which Phoebe loved. We stood for a long time as the butterflies fluttered around us. They loved her headband, as they were always landing on it. (We also discovered a Lindt Cafe at Cockle Bay Wharf, so guess where we went for afternoon tea).

Butterfly Butterfly1

One of Paul's friends has been making a guitar... from scratch... and he doesn't even play the guitar. He brought it over for Paul to "inspect". It was so beautifully made, with such lovely detail. You just had to admire it and all the work that went into making it.



And lastly, this is to show Mel, my very clever friend who also loves sewing and Japanese craft books. Phoebe and I had a day out in the city, and one of our stops was a huge Japanese book shop, Kinokuniya, in Galeries Victoria. I picked up the latest Cotton Time which was great as previously I had navigated my way through the Japanese Amazon site to purchase my Japanese books. Phoebe and I also picked out a couple other cute books. The good news is they get the magazines in about a week after the release date in Japan, so I can send Paul off in his lunchtime to pick up my books. And there are a couple of other magazines I like (all in Japanese) and I can just give them the codes from the magazines and they can get them in for me too. Now I just have to finish off my CHA projects so I can start work on some of these very cute things.


That's about all, back to a little more scrapping.

Thanks for visiting. I'll be back to more regular blog updates from now.