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muffin monday : raspberry and white chocolate muffins

Fiona Carter raspberry and white chocolate muffins

The school holidays are almost finished which means back to school... back to making some snacks for the lunch/morning/afternoon teas. I've just realised that I have just over one year left of school lunches/snacks, with my baby getting towards the end of her high school days. I'm sure I'll still be making muffins long after our family's school days have finished, though!

Muffins are quick to make, easy to mix, and as long as you don't over mix the mixture, are delicious, moist, tasty and tender. You can pack them with different flavourings as well. A favourite in our house is the classic muffin flavour combination of raspberry and white chocolate. I've been trying to make a lot of new bakery goodies lately, and this is a newish muffin recipe which I've been experimenting with.

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