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100% hands on fun food photography & styling workshop with Sneh Roy

food writing + food photography/styling workshop with Katrina Meynink and Sneh Roy

Last week I attended a food writing and food photography/styling workshop taught by two very talented ladies, Katrina Meynink and Sneh Roy.

Before we started workshopping, writing, styling and photographing we were treated to a delicious morning tea prepared by Sneh.

Fiona Carter morning tea

Katrina lead the food writing discussion, giving us insights into the different food writing styles. Sneh chatted about food styling, lighting and photography before giving us full access to her kitchen and props.

This lead to our first assignment…. styling a scene with the focus on tomatoes. I used both my DSLR and iPhone to take the photos.

Fiona Carter tomato and basil food styling and photography

Fiona Carter tomato and basil food styling/photography

Our next assignment was to write a piece about tomatoes. Here's what I wrote.

We walked over to the table under the trees. It was only metres away from the aqua waters of the Mediterranean. We ordered the saganaki, the sardines and the dish that had become mandatory at every meal we ate on the islands, the village salad. It was not called a Greek salad in these parts, it was a village salad, humble, fresh and fragrant. The plump tomatoes, cucumbers and olives all grown in the local village topped with fresh cheese and oregano. We long still for this simple delicious taste.

Then there was lunch. Again the food was prepared by Sneh and again it was delicious.

Fiona Carter food photography

The final assignment for the day was another styling/photography session.

Fiona Carter passato day food styling/photography

This was such a fun and inspiring day with talented people, filled with two of my favourite things, food and photography.

And now I need to practice… both my writing and photography.

Till next time. Thanks for visiting.


Fiona x


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