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a new crochet project & the granny square at newtown

I've started a new crochet project. I'm crocheting a hexagon granny rug for Emily.

Fiona Carter's hexagon granny square crochet

I bought some lovely wool from a little wool shop I stumbled upon in Newtown recently, called The Granny Square. It has apparently been open for a while now, I'd just missed it on previous drives along King Street. The Granny Square is a cute little shop full of wool... think of an old fashioned candy shop, and replace the shelves of lollies with beautiful coloured wool. It's inviting and homely.

The Granny Square shop sign

After chatting with the lovely lady serving in the shop, I found out The Granny Square is part of the Morris and Sons group. If you're in Sydney, that's the gorgeous wool shop in York Street, Sydney. That lovely lady I was talking to in the shop... her name was Ruth, and I'm thinking she owns the business after reading this page.

The Granny Square shop on the Living on the Crafty Side of Life blog

If you follow this link, you can read a little of the background of The Granny Square (the images seem to be missing, but the story is good). The Granny Square does have a website which has it's class schedule.

Anyway... back to the wool and my crochet project.

Fiona Carter's hexagon granny square crochet project

The wool Emily choose is called Morris Arabesque Sugar Plum, which is a lovely verigated wool with pink, plum, dusty blue and tan.

Fiona Carter's wool from Morris & Sons

Here's a little close up of how the rug is coming along...

Fiona Carter's hexagon granny square crochet

Thanks for dropping by, til next time...