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there's a puppy in the house

Back in May our little puppy joined our family. She's a beautiful black miniature schnauzer, with a gorgeous temperament, who loves having lots of cuddles.  We got her from Tricia at Razinpaws, and if you are looking for a miniature schnauzer, I would certainly recommend Tricia to provide you with a beautiful, loving little puppy.

First day at home @ 8 weeks old

Now, a lovely little girl needs to have some pretty accessories, and one of my Ribbons Galore customers made us a little puppy harness and lead for Bella.

Karen runs Saffron on the Hill, a doggy rescue organisation in Victoria. She raises money to look after the rescue dogs by making and selling dog collars, leads and harnesses. You can find Saffron on the Hill on Facebook, please drop by and say hello! And there's now a new website, Saffron on the Hill, which has these gorgeous doggy accessories for sale.

Below is the pretty pink harness and lead we received from Karen in the mail one day...

RG owls.IMG_5095

It has been very difficult to get nice photos of Bella with her harness. Being a busy and very fast black puppy, my attempts of taking photos often result in a black blur where there should be a cute puppy. My best attempt at getting a photo of her and her harness came after giving her a bone... and she actually stopped for a few minutes to eat it!



There's been a couple of little milestones so far in our puppy's life. First was to go out for walks beyond the safety of her backyard. She loved it [and so did the girls]!


The next milestone was to run free [without the lead] in the doggy park, she loved that too once she realised she wasn't attached to the humans anymore!

miniature schnauzer

Well that's our puppy update from the last couple of months. I'm sure there will be more doggy photos in the future :)

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