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crocheting the wool-eater blanket [the 2012 crochet-along project]

I've made a start on a crocheted blanket for Emily.

While looking for some ideas I found the Wool-Eater blanket which is a crochet along project for 2012 over on Sarah London's blog.


I'm using the wool I bought last year from Bendigo Woollen Mill [Emily chose the colours].


This blanket is going to use a lot of wool, it will be heavy and thick and I'm sure it will be super warm to snuggle up with when finished.


There's a challenge on Sarah's blog, to complete a certain number of rounds or rows every week. I'm not sure if I'm up to date, but I'm enjoying crocheting this pattern.


And in other news... I've finished Phoebe's granny square blanket. I'm just looking for a nice crocheted edging to finish it off. This hasn't stopped Phoebe snuggling under the blanket while relaxing in front of the TV sometimes.

Thanks for dropping by.