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christmas star decorations

There's a traditional Danish Christmas craft of making flettede stjerner from paper. These stars make such beautiful Christmas decorations and are made at Christmas time by children and adults.

When I saw them I thought they'd look pretty made from ribbon, so I set about translating instructions, cutting and folding ribbon as you would the traditionally used paper.


Here's the results, lovely ribbon stars ready to hang on the Christmas tree...


I found through trial and error that you need to use a stiff or firm ribbon, rather than the softer ribbons. The striped grosgrain I have at Ribbons Galore worked perfectly.


When I'd finished folding the stars, I ironed the edges lightly to hold the ribbon in place. You could also use a little fusible webbing inside the folded edges to hold the ribbon. I then threaded bakers twine through the stars so they could hand on the tree.


This is a side view of the star...


So now for a few instructions. I found some instructions that were mainly in Danish, but use google translate, and you'll work these out. Here they are:

Flettede stjerner, this is the instruction sheet I used, it in a pdf format.

Flettet stjerne instructions on

Sofie Legarth shares how to make fabric flettet stjerne in her blog post.

Hope you enjoy making some yourself for Christmas.

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