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Ribbons Galore newsletter

I have just finished a new newsletter for Ribbons Galore.

You can download the Ribbons Galore newsletter or, view it online here:

I loved putting this newsletter together after learning how to use Adobe InDesign recently. It has been a goal to mine to produce a little newsletter for Ribbons Galore, and here it is.

Hope you enjoy seeing all the new ribbons added to Ribbons Galore recently.

Thanks for dropping by.



a little crocheting... making a large granny square rug

While at the Craft Fair in Sydney last June I spotted this gorgeous wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills. I fell in love with the colours of the Classic pure wool collection and decided it was time I crocheted my girls a little rug each, something they could snuggle under during winter (or whenever they needed a little warmth).

The wools below are being used for Phoebe's rug, the colours are... Seaquest (top), Periwinkle (mid left), Aster (mid right) and Musk (bottom).

Fiona's wool

I've made good progress on the giant granny square rug so far, crocheting when I'm waiting at music lessons, sports training and in the evenings, keeping myself warm while this little rug grows and grows.

Fiona's crochet

I have to mention this great little crochet hook by Clover. That extra soft bit in the middle makes the hook very easy to hold.


Once I finish Phoebe's rug, I'll start on Emily's (she may not have hers until next winter). The colours Emily chose for her rug are similar to Phoebe's swapping the Aster for Celery (top ball of wool).


I first learnt to crochet when I was about 8 years old and have a few of my original crocheted granny square rugs still around the house. They are a VERY easy crochet project to take on.

Here are a few links to the ideas/how tos, should you need some instruction on granny square making:

Pinterest has some lovely ideas for granny squares large and small.

For now, I'll keep crocheting round and round the granny square until I run out of wool!

Thanks for dropping by.