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digital holga photography

If you love the look of Holga style photos but don't want to turn back time completely by purchasing the old-fashioned film style camera, you can purchase a digital holga lens adaptor to fit on your DSLR camera.

I recently purchased a Digital Holga Kitchen Sink Kit for my DSLR from HolgaDirect. It contains several lenses which all fit onto the digital holga lens adaptor (also included in the kit). This little kit was sent to me very quickly by HolgaDirectfrom Hong Kong.


Once the digital holga lens adaptor has been popped onto the DSLR (this replaces the actual lens of the camera) you can add one of the other holga lenses (like the fish eye, macro or wide angel lens). The DSLR camera then has no auto focus capacity, and you have to play around with your settings to acheive the right exposure for your photos.

I have only given the wide angle lens a test drive so far. Down at Balmoral Beach I snapped many photos experimenting with the settings. These are a few photos I really liked from all I took. Love the slight dreamy-ness of the images.




Now, these Holga lenses won't replace the real traditional cameras, but they are a good alternative if you want to play around with your digital photography creativeness. I really didn't want to go back to using a film camera!

While I was shopping at HolgaDirect I bought Emily a REAL Holga 120 Camera which she received this week for her 16th birthday. Emily really wants to experiment with the film format... looking forward to seeing the photos she takes!

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