Queensland Flood Appeal Auctions : Ribbons Galore raffle
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Queensland Flood Appeal : Ribbons Galore raffle : we have a winner

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has participated in all the Queensland Flood Appeal auctions and raffles. Toni has been tallying the donations from the auctions and will add the raffle totals today, be sure to visit her blog tonight for a big announcement.


Thank you to the ladies who joined me here in the Ribbons Galore raffle. $200 has been donated to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal from this raffle. Thank you!

The raffle is now closed, and I have picked a winner, with the help of Random.com

The winner is commenter no. 8, Lisa (the Red Thread).

Here's the pdf of the Random.com page with the winning number (I couldn't work out how to save a screen shot, so had to save as a PDF): Download Randomdotcomwinner .

Congratulations Lisa!

As a thank you to my raffle-ees (not sure that's a word) I have also decided to send out a Ribbons Galore 10% discount voucher to each of the the lovely ladies who entered the raffle here. I will send these out to you in the next couple of days.

Happy Australia Day, everyone!


Fiona x