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For a long time now I have wanted to take a cake decorating course. At the end of last year I finally decided to find a course.... and do it! So I searched google in an attempt to find a course, and to my surprise I found one that was starting in February this year, just down the road (well, sort of) from where I live. It required a joint family commitment, as my course took up 6 hours on alternate Saturdays.... Saturdays which are usually full of athletics, soccer, netball and basketball. Paul (the best dad in the world) agreed to taking on extra sporting duties (of which he already does alot of) so that I could go off and play with fondant and royal icing for the day!

So, for the first six months or so of this year I took part in this Cake Decorating course at TAFE. It was such a fantastic course, covering all the basics of decorating. I've loved experimenting and playing with different icings and pastes, and it was great being back in a commercial-style kitchen. I finished the course in June and have a few cakes completed so far....

This retro flower cake was one of two I had to decorate in the last week of the course. Imagine my excitement at finding an icing flower punch very similar to my retro flower punch I use so often in my paper crafting.


The second cake decorated on the last day of the course was my Christmas Elf cake... The fluffy santa was supplied by my cake decorating teacher. Long, long time readers of my blog may remember my love of fluffy Easter chicks... When I saw this fluffy santa, I just had to place him on top of my cake!


Next one was a birthday cake I made for Phoebe's teacher. Phoebe helped with this one...


Phoebe wanted a soccer cake for her birthday this year. It was good timing, as I was coming to the end of my course and had a little confidence in dealing with fondant. We'd found the little soccer decorations in a cake decorating store in Maitland.


So that's all my colourful, fondant-y creations so far... I hope there will be many more. I just need some more time and some excuses to make cakes... and decorate them.

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