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Merry Christmas

[Martin Place, Sydney, Christmas 2009]

Merry Christmas and have a happy and safe new year. Thanks for visiting my blog through 2009. I'll be back in 2010 with more craft-y-ness to share.

Rg 2009 christmas card  
Ribbons Galore is taking a summer break. Please visit the "What's New" page for more details.


Fiona x 

christmas ideas [day 5] : fabric yo-yos christmas tree ornaments

Just sharing some little ornaments I've made over the weekend for our tree.

Little fabric yo-yos Christmas trees.


These are made from three fabric yo-yos of graduating sizes....


... and lots of buttons....


...all threaded together.


I've just fabric from my Michael Miller collection. Love the bright colours of these fabrics.

Thanks for visiting.


Fiona x

christmas ideas [day 4] : kids christmas party games

I've been totally caught up with end of school things and packing orders for Ribbons Galore lately. My Christmas crafting and ideas has taken a back seat.

Mel, on the other hand, has been keeping us inspired with lots of Christmas crafting and cooking. So make sure you visit her blog for lots of her goodness.

In this post I'm sharing some Christmas party ideas for the kids. Phoebe had a Christmas party with her school friends yesterday. We organised a few activities to keep everyone happy.

Here are a few of the activities....

Pin the nose on the reindeer

This was Phoebe's design. She cut the eyes, mouth and antlers from cardboard and stuck them in place on a cork board. She then cut red circles for the noses and placed her friends' names on each one.


Everyone had a turn, blindfolded, to place the nose in the right place....



Decorate the mini Christmas trees

This is an old favourite in our house.


Using little wire Christmas trees, the girls decorate them with ribbon.


The girls sat for a long time decorating their trees... and chatting.


Santa pinata

This is a store bought santa which we found at Spotlight. Again, having a pinata is a favourite at Phoebe's parties.



We made little mini lollie bags to fill santa, as well as some chocolates.


Not sure who gave the final blow to break santa, but it was chaos when the lollies finally fell...


I hope to get a couple more posts up, now I have a little more time to relax before Christmas. I'm actually working on some little Christmas ornaments, so will be back soon.

Thanks for visiting.


Fiona x

christmas ideas [day 3] : christmas bunting, banners and garlands

The Christmas idea I'm sharing today is an almost no sew Christmas bunting. I say it's almost no sew as the flag parts of the bunting have no sewing whatsoever, and the only sewing involved in this project is stitching the flags to the ribbons.Fiona's-xmas-bunting

To create each flag, choose two fabrics, one for the front and one for the back. Cut the fabrics slightly larger that the finished triangle. Fuse both pieces together with fusible webbing (the stuff used for applique work). Now cut the triangle flag shape from this double sided fabric. For something a little different, I used my pinking shears to cut the edges.


Once you have your desired number of flags made, pin them in place along a length of ribbon. I've used plain grosgrain from Ribbons Galore. I added a thinner ribbon to the middle of the first ribbon for some detail. I then stitched another piece of ribbon to the back of these front ribbons to hide the raw edges of the bunting flags.Fiona's-xmas-bunting-4 

The fabrics I've used are from Michael Miller Fabrics, from the Christmas range including red, lime and green holiday ditzy, lime joyful damask and pink joy.

And here is it's final position for the festive season. Over our over-sided doorway at the end of our hallway. And I have to agree with Mel now, bunting is one of the hardest things to photograph.


Now please make sure you visit Mel's blog to see her gorgeous circular bunting that she has made, so very cute.

Here are a few favourite ideas for banners, garlands and buntings.

Mel has already mentioned this Christmas tree bunting in her post, but it was on my list of favourites, so I'm popping it on my blog too. This is from sadieandland blog. She has included a tutorial on her blog.


Shelley has shared a couple of gorgeous ideas for banners... the first one made from party plates...

Banner 1

... and the second one, made from page protectors...

Dec banner 2

This list at contains several clever garland and buntings which I won't repeat, just head over there and click through the list for lots of interesting ideas.

That's about all from me for now. Thanks for popping by.


Fiona x

christmas ideas [day 2] : handmade cards

I love making my own cards. I love my girls making their own cards. Christmas time is no exception. In this post I'm sharing some cards which were a free added bonus to one of my Christmas online classes in the past. They are still some of my favourite cards.




If you would like to make these I have a PDF template file with the little pieces used for making the stocking, tree and candy cane. Download Fiona's christmas card shapes templates. (This file is an A4 sized document, so make sure you check your printer settings to ensure the template pieces are the right size and in proportion.)

Here are a few photos to give you an idea of how to construct the Christmas shapes on your cards.

I like to combine paper with fabric or felt, so I cut the base shapes from paper:Stocking-1

Then add felt pieces:

I like to add a little stitching. You could also use the sewing machine if you'd like:


All finished:


You could use any shapes for your cards, try looking for some clip art pieces that you like and use a mix of paper and felt to create your own cards.

Mel and I will be back on Friday with some more Christmas craft ideas... this time I think a little stitching will be on display. Hope you can join us then.

Thanks for visiting.


Fiona x