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ribbons galore news...

There are so many new ribbons now available at Ribbons Galore.

 retro owls on brown ribbon (15mm wide) [per metre]

Above is the retro owls on brown ribbon (15mm wide). Also available with a red, turquoise and lilac background.

hedgehog family on pink ribbon (16mm wide) [per metre] - Click Image to Close

The little hedgehog family ribbon is available in three colour ways.

deer love on green ribbon (16mm wide) [per metre] - Click Image to Close

And the deer love ribbon is available in four colourways.

Another fun ribbon is the flying chickens ribbon:

flying chickens ribbon (12mm wide) [per metre] - Click Image to Close

There is a new range of German double sided flower ribbons:

double-sided flowers ribbon - blue/red (15mm wide) [per metre] - Click Image to Close

One of our popular ribbons, Little Red Riding Hood, is now available with a pink background:

little red riding hood ribbon : pink (17mm wide) [per metre] - Click Image to Close

Other ribbon collections with new ribbons and re-stocks are:

Ribbons Galore has also made an appearance in the latest Australian Homespun (Vol 10.9). The little birdies on yellow ribbon is pictured on page 12 in the pretty Window Shopping feature on Cherries.

Sarah Fielke also featured Ribbons Galore in her "Favourite Things" section of her new website, SEWN. Thanks Sarah.

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paper lanterns

Just thought I'd show a photo of some paper lanterns I made recently.


Each lantern is made from a sheet of 12" x 12" paper. I made them up in about half an hour to decorate our family room for Emily's birthday recently. They looked very pretty, and Emily's friends were suitably impressed!

So my beautiful girl is now 14! I don't get too many photos of her these days, but here is one I managed to take of her a few weeks ago. My gorgeous and talented girl... working hard at school and her music (yes, she's still drumming and has taken up singing as well).


My other gorgeous girl has been keeping us busy too. One of her acheivements from last week was winning the 11 year old age champion trophy at the PSSA Sydney North zone athletics carnival. A couple of weeks ago, she won her school 11 year old age champion, so she now has a matching pair of trophies. We're now off to regionals soon, there she'll be competing in the 800 metres, long jump and shot put.


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