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ice cream cupcakes

I had an idea to make ice cream cupcakes for Emily's birthday. Last year she enjoyed the ice cream birthday cake I made, and wanted it again. I thought it would be fun to try and make smaller ice cream cakes and came up with the idea of ice cream cupcakes.


OK, so they look a bit like homemade choc tops, but they were still well enjoyed at the birthday party.

Here's how they were made. I used both vanilla and chocolate store-bought ice cream.

STEP 1: Soften the vanilla ice cream. Place in your mixer and beat. While mixing add mini marshmallows and meringues. You need to work quickly so the ice cream doesn't melt too much.


STEP 2: Fill the ice cream cones with this mixture to the top of the cone. I like to add a "surprise" to these, so added a chocolate coated finger biscuit at this stage. Place in the freezer. I left these for 24 hours before I moved to the next stage.


STEP 3: Repeat step 1 with the chocolate ice cream, adding the meringues and marshmallows. This ice cream may need to be frozen slightly before moving onto the scooping stage. Use an ice cream scoop to scoop up the ice cream.


And place the scoop of ice cream over the top of the ice cream cone.


You will have little ice cream cupcakes like below. These need to be returned to the freezer again for about 24 hours, to make sure they are really frozen before the next step.


STEP 4: Melt chocolate. I used dark chocolate. Stand your ice cream cupcakes over a wire rack with a tray underneath (this step gets a little messy). Drizzle the melted chocolate over the ice cream cones and sprinkle with 100's and 1000's (this is a good job for an assistant if one is eagerly standing by).


You do need to return these to the freezer as soon as possible, as the ice cream does start to melt. I worked on about 6 ice cream cones at a time, then returned those to the freezer before starting on the next batch.

That's it. Ice cream cupcakes.

A couple of things to point out about these. Firstly they are not the type of "cake" to be made at the last minute. They do take a few days putting them together and freezing in between. Secondly, they are top-heavy and were difficult to arrange nicely. I placed them in a big bowl and handed them out from there.


I'd like to find the little plastic bowls used in the gelato stores if I were making these again, and use those instead of the ice cream cones. I think the gelato bowls would look similar to the patty papers used for cupcakes.

They were very nice and enjoyed by everyone at the party, and were something a little different from the traditional birthday cakes I usually make.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you're having a good weekend.


Fiona x

catch up time

Life's busy as always. Everyone says the same thing.

Firstly, thank you for all the lovely comments and emails about the pouches/pencil cases/make up bags I've been making (see my previous post). I've had several inquiries about making custom pouches or cases. Yes I certainly can make these up, you can choose the ribbon from Ribbons Galore, and I'll match fabrics. Just email me, and we'll go from there.

In other news...

Emily has turned 13! I am now the mother of a teenager. She hasn't changed much in the last few days... being a teenager now, she's still as lovely as ever. She is home sick this week though, with the latest bug that seems to be going around the schools here.

She had her party last weekend. We made the invitations...


Used lots of scraps and sewing for these.


... and we made the thank you cards while we were printing and sewing and creating...


20+ girls arrived at our house last Sunday for the party. We walked to a local Thai (Bai Yok, Castlecrag) for dinner. The restaurant was great, its our favourite local for delicious Thai food. Then we walked home for Ice cream Cupcakes, which were a big hit. One of the girls at the party grabbed our camera and took this photo on the night.


On Saturday night we went to Broad at the Sydney Opera House. Five female singer/songwriters of very different genres singing, playing and chatting on stage for a couple of hours. Fantastic.


Phoebe's soccer season continues... Last weekend was Gala Day  and her team won. All the games were great and well matched. I think it was the hair ribbons the girls wore on the day that increased their enthusiasm.


This should have marked the end of the soccer season for Phoebe, but no, she's been picked to play in the under 11's girls representative team for our region, so the soccer training continues a little longer. She is so excited to be in this team, she loves her soccer.


I have a few other things to catch up on. I've been tagged by Miki (I'm getting there, Miki) and I've received an award from Sophia (very exciting). I'll work on these two in new posts very soon.

Hope you have a great week.

Thanks for visiting.


Fiona x

view from my sewing table

During the last school holidays the girls and I did lots of sewing while we were away up the coast. I thought it time to take some photos of our work. Below are some of the pencil cases we made. These started out just for the girls themselves. I also wanted to make some using some Ribbons Galore ribbons as well. I made the pouch "pattern" myself and have refined it slightly since the holidays, so now we are in full production mode - LOL.


At the moment there seems to be a flurry of birthday parties, so I've been busy making some pencil cases for presents. I love the idea of making gifts, but time is not always on our side. Special requests can be accommodated, provided the right fabric can be found in the fabric box!



These are a couple of designs I have for sale over at Ribbons Galore. I've loved the Fairy Tale ribbons from the moment they arrived, and have been wanting to make some things with them. They are fully lined and padded pencil cases or pouches. I've had so much fun combining the fabrics and making them up. I've only made a limited number of each design.






Coming soon will be some pouches with the Goldilocks ribbon...


And another work in progress, my Clover felting needle tool has been having a workout (see previous post for a link to Clover). These will be available very soon.


A couple of other sweet things that have caught my eye recently:

Kylie's felt cupcake. I'm so in love with this, it is so pretty and yummy looking.

Holly's very, very cute fabric flowers. They are the feature of her Tutorial Tuesday post a couple of weeks back.

That's about all. Thank you for visiting again.

Have a good week.


Fiona x

fuzzy flowers


I made some fuzzy flowers for a tag project over on the Pursuit of CraftYness blog. The theme of our blog projects for this week was "something old, something new". If you visit the blog, you'll see all the projects the lovely ladies have been making over there.

I thought I'd share my "how to" make my flowers. I've called them fuzzy flowers after the funny fuzzy effect you get when you felt the centre of these woolly daisies.

Step 1: I've used an old daisy maker to create my wool flowers. This old daisy maker was my nana's. She used to use it to make daisy decorations on knitted booties and knitted coat hangers that she used to make. You can still buy these daisy makers in haberdashery stores.


Step 2: Remove the daisy from the daisy maker. I actually really like the daisies like this, and have used them quite often in this form.


Step 3: I've used my new favourite gaget to "felt" the centre of the daisy. This needle felting tool is by Clover (once you click to the Clover website, you will have to click the link to felting needle in the left side bar to see the details), and I've had so much fun felting little bits and pieces. By felting the centre of these daisies, they become quite secure and will not unravel.


This is the interesting effect. I did not expect this. When I felted the centre of the flower, the wool loops "pulled" slightly creating a fuzzy look....


The fuzzy flowers:


And the tag that I created with them which is over on the Pursuit of CraftYness blog this week:


I now have several of the Clover crafty gadgets. I own several Yo-Yo makers (these use up all those fabric scraps), their Pom-Pom makers and now the Needle Felting tools. They are lots of fun to make little embellishments and they are a great activity for the kids too (great for their fine motor skills!).

I'm wondering what your favourite flower is to create? Let me know, leave a link in the comments field so we can see your creations.

Thanks for visiting...


Fiona x

more maya road projects

These are the last of my Maya Road projects from CHA-S08.

Australia Day album using Maya Road's sheer scroll album:



Flower tags using Maya Road chipboard tags, ribbons and flower chipboards. I've also used one of my favourites at the moment, fabric covered buttons:


Below is a card set I made for the latest Creative Paper magazine. I've used lots of Maya Road chipboard and rub-ons, Ranger Crackle Paints and Luxe Designs papers and rub-ons. This was my first time published in this magazine, so that was pretty exciting. This magazine has a really fresh new look and feel.

Wwevemovedcard Wjustanotecard Wjourneycard

Wfriendsforevercard Whappybdaycard Wwhoolovesyoucard

I've popped more images over in the gallery of my website, if you'd like to see more.

Hope you're all having a great weekend.

Thanks for visiting.

Fiona x