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fabric and patchwork

Several weeks back I discussed with my gorgeous girls a project (or projects) I wanted to make with them.... patchwork quilts. We talked about them creating a patchwork piece with me, so they would have something we've made together, to keep, hopefully, for a long time. They seemed keen on the idea. We'd start simply with a square patchwork. So I let Emily loose on my ever growing fabric collection, she looked for a while, pulling fabrics together and came up with this collection:


I cut the squares of fabric for her, she started sewing the blocks together. I had trouble keeping up with her, madly cutting the squares to supply her sewing frenzy.

She did well, I tried to teach her about matching the seams/corners, etc (reminded me of a project I had to complete from my Clothing Manufacturing TAFE course many years back). Within a few hours she'd completed the patchwork top. She's only 12 and I think she did an amazing job, and I'm really proud of her!

Efcpatchwork2 Efcpatchwork3

We now have to find some backing fabric and the wadding, etc. Then we can finish this quilt. Now if anyone has patchwork/quilting experience, I'm wondering what sort of wadding you use, I'd like to hear what is your preference and why. I've started looking at the different types and I'd appreciate any advise.

Phoebe has her fabric picked out, and has already discussed some design modifications from Emily's quilt. I'm looking forward to starting that project next and working with Phoebe.

I went to the Craft Fair last week with a friend. I was so nice wandering around. We both enjoy different crafts so I was nice looking at what each other enjoys. I was mainly looking at the fabric stands. Loved the Vintage Comfort quilt on the Amitie stand. Unfortunately the kit was sold out. Material Obsession and Quiltsmith both appealed being Sydney based stores, which I'll be visiting very soon. I bought the Material Obsession book, which offers beautiful (and simple) projects, with gorgeous photographs and easy instructions. It was a good book for the girls to look through as well and gather ideas.


Well that's about all for now. Life's very busy here with lots of girls things on at the moment. I'm helping to make costumes for the school musical Emily is in. Both my parents are not well, so there's been extra visits to them, cooking dinners, making sure they are OK (thank goodness they live close). And of course ribbon orders are always being packed.

Thanks for visiting, thanks for the birthday wishes/emails to Phoebe and myself over the last couple of weeks.

Have a great weekend.


Fiona x

happy birthday

Phoebe, my baby, turned 10 last weekend.


She had a good weekend. A visit to the Beanie Cave to add to the collection, a visit to the hairdressers for a side fringe, a visit to the Lindt Cafe at Cockle Bay for afternoon tea, presents from her birthday wish list, pasta dinner at Galletta Bar in Leichhardt, several candle blowing ceremonies as we visited family and friends, a sleep over with a friend.... I think that's about all.

It was a fun {long} weekend.

Then 36 cupcakes were sent to school yesterday just so the celebrations could be extended an extra day (and I thought there were only 29 in her class?)

Thanks for visiting, hope you have a great week.

Fiona x

Scrap-n-Crop, Malaysia

Valerie from Scrap-n-Crop in Malaysia asked me to be a guest designer for her store this month. Here's a little look at a few things made. The full gallery is up on the Scrap-n-Crop site now. Thanks Valerie for inviting me to work with you this month, it's been fun creating!

Here's a few of the new things I made...

This layout is just about documenting my girls at the moment, a little memory for the album, about how they make me laugh in such different ways.


I was just trying to take a photo of them together. Phoebe stood and waited patiently... and Em, well she was just being Em!


After a short time Phoebe looked at me very seriously and said "can't you just photoshop us together?"  A classic Phoebe comeback.


I love writing little messages on my layouts, like the one above "good idea gorgeous!" I'm thinking well into the future here, when, hopefully, my girls might look through these scrapbooks and read little thing's I've written to them.

Another project for the store, Maya Road Bottlecap Memory Game...


I've used the Maya Road chipboard Motifs set and set them into the Maya Road Mega bottlecaps.


I've been enjoying many Memory games in the evenings recently. Phoebe beats me every time.

I also made a set of cards, this one was a spare one, the rest are in the gallery.



The rest of my projects are over in gallery at Scrap-n-Crop.

That's about all from me today. Thanks for visiting.

Hope you have a great day.

Fiona x

Birthday month

June sees the start of birthday month in our house. Both Phoebe and I have June birthdays, my niece and a few friends also celebrate during this month. But for some reason Phoebe's birthday celebrations seem to last the whole month... (usually overshadowing my birthday completely).

On the weekend we took Phoebe and a few friends to the Sydney Observatory for her birthday celebration. She wanted to go to the Observatory last year, but we left it all too late to arrange, so this year we started early. Just as well, as we couldn't get in next weekend as planned (that's the Observatory's 150th birthday and there's big things planned there) so we had to go a week early for Phoebe's birthday.

We arrived at Observatory Hill early, and the girls had fun running around the rotunda. They watched a bridal party have their photos taken, then the girls insisted the bride and groom kiss, which they willingly obliged.

I tried to take some creative photos, but without my tripod, they didn't really work out. Here's one of the better ones.


The view from the rotunda was beautiful looking north over the harbour to the Harbour Bridge and Luna Park.


The Observatory was great. We looked through two big telescopes including the large one in the domed roof. The most amazing thing we saw was Saturn, we could actually see the rings around the planet. Quite amazing.

After the visit to the Observatory, it was back home for the Starry-Starry night pinata cake. We saw this cake being made several weeks ago on Better Homes and Gardens. Phoebe loved it when she saw it and ordered one (from mum) for her birthday.


Armed with wooden spoons the girls had to smash their way through the chocolate outer shell to reach the cupcakes and lollies hiding underneath.


Phoebe and I made little starry time capsules for the lolly bags. We found the plastic containers at Reverse Garbage. We then wrapped a strip of Scenic Route paper around each container, added a scalloped punched oval shape, a star shape (with doodling) and a Maya Road chipboard letter to finish.



I just have to say I love my new Marvy Uchida scalloped punches. After searching here in Australia for them, and not being able to find them, I finally bought several from Papertrey Ink in the US recently.

That's about all for now. Thanks for visiting!


Fiona x