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a pink post

I haven't shared the new love in my life. I never thought I'd be so smitten with a kitchen appliance, but I am. I love this machine. My gorgeous family bought me a KitchenAid for Christmas. The hard thing was choosing a colour. If you know about KitchenAids, you'll know their appliances are available in a fantastic range of colours.

When I went to the store to order my machine, I still hadn't decided on a colour. I had narrowed it down to either white or pink. The Gemini twins in me were having a huge tug of war in my head. The practical twin was saying get the WHITE, it'll go with everything. The other completely non-practical twin was whispering get the PINK, you really want the pink, who cares if it doesn't go with the blue kitchen! The shop assistant was on the phone ready to order the machine, asking me which colour. PINK came out of my mouth in reply, and so a pink KitchenAid was ordered.


It certainly looks best with pink icing...


Phoebe's basketball team is called the Hotcakes. We had the team BBQ a couple of weeks ago and Phoebe and I made pink Hotcakes cupcakes to take. I iced the cakes this time with a piping bag and really loved the effect.


We added a little pink surprise in the cakes before cooking them. With the cake mixture in the patty pans (with pink cupcake papers), a small amount of pink food colouring was swirled through each cake. We did this with a tooth pick dipped in the food colouring.



Make sure you swirl the tooth pick deep into the cake, and not just on the surface.


Here are the cakes cooked with their pretty pink swirls.


Once cooked, cooled and the cakes are iced, the pink swirl will only be revealed once you bite into the cake. This is a bit of a cheats way of making marble cupcakes.

Last week, the Hotcakes won their basketball gala day. Another trophy for the trophy cabinet! Another pink moment...


Hope you're all having a great week. Thanks for visiting.



catching up

Hope you had a happy, relaxing Easter.

I finally have the RAK winners (from a couple of posts ago). I've made up 10 little bags of ribbon with an Easter ribbon and three co-ordinating ribbons.


The winners are:

Email me your postal addresses ladies (please don't leave your addresses here in a comment). If you have a preference of colour, let me know, I'll try to accommodate.

Now, I did have a question about my cupcake bead from Lovelinks (again mentioned a few posts ago). I can't seem to find it on their website, so I've scanned the page from their print catalogue. The cupcake bead code is TT183. I'm not sure how recent this catalogue is, but my friend who sells these beads at Castlecrag was able to order this one in for me. If you want any beads from Lovelinks or Bacio, my friend (who happens to be another Fiona Carter) owns It Started with a Kiss. She operates out of Sally's Bookshop in Castlecrag. If you live on the lower north shore and you'd like her details/opening hours, let me know and I'll email them to you.


I've been busy adding some new ribbons to Ribbons Galore recently.

Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs and Elephants:

Little_red Snow_white Rpelephants


Cakeslfnt47_2 Cakeslfnt52 Cakeslfnt48


Cir23r02 Cir23r03 Cir23r04


Butterfly001 Butterfly002 Butterfly003

That's about all for now.

Have a good Sunday.

Fiona x