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Easter craft project #1 {and a RAK}

for bunny lovers only

This is for the bunny lovers who read my blog, a bit of Monday silliness.

Yesterday the girls decided it was a good idea to give the bunnies a bath. During the week we'd found bunny shampoo in the pet store which, of course, we just HAD to have. Bunnies are extremely clean little creatures and our bunnies have never been given a bath in the 4 1/2 years that they have lived with us (they are brushed several times a week, though).

Butterscotch, as you can see below, quite enjoyed the experience relaxing in the tub with warm soapy water....


Bubbles wasn't as relaxed about the whole experience...


But she did enjoy the blow dry afterwards...


Bubbles and Butterscotch are now very fluffy ready for their Easter photo shoot.

{please note: no bunny was harmed during this activity}

Enjoy your Monday.