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A few cards to share...

a very, very, very quick Valentine's Day project

I made some chocolate pockets ready for Valentine's Day today. The girls like to take little Valentine gifts to their friends on Valentine's Day. Phoebe decided she needed at least 10 for her friends (and is apparently still counting), so I wanted something that was very quick and easy to make.



I've used papers from three different Paper Salon collections to make these.... here's how to make them if you're interested:

  1. Cut two hearts from pattern paper (I just used a chipboard heart from a Maya Road book as my template).
  2. Sew the hearts together along the "bottom" edges, leaving the top of the pocket open.
  3. Punch a hole about 2cm below the "point" of the heart for the ribbon.
  4. Place a few small chocolates in the heart pocket.
  5. Thread ribbon through the hole and tie a bow.
  6. Give to someone special!


Hope you're having a great week.