Christmas eve in Sydney
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first quick post for 2008

Happy New Year!!

We're in the middle of summer holidays here. A couple of days after Christmas we headed up the coast to Hawks Nest. We stayed until after new years, which was very different for us. I usually love being in Sydney for the Sydney fireworks, but this year we decided to have a very quite, relaxing break away. It was just so nice.


Bennetts Beach was closed for a day or so during out stay due to the rough seas along the NSW coast. Here's Phoebe with her newest Beanie Kid, Ky the surf life saving bear, checking out the surf conditions.


Little Bubbles and Butterscotch enjoyed their holiday too, they loved hopping around the garden up at Hawks. They travel well in their little pet travel case, and we keep a travel hutch up at Hawks for them to stay in while we are there.

0708hawks2 0708hawks2a

Back in Sydney, and the girls and I have seen a few movies. Enchanted was good (especially as a Greys Anatomy fan) and we've seen the Water Horse which was a beautiful story and and movie. There's been many plays with friends, shopping, etc, etc.

I love school holidays.

Not much to report otherwise. I'm being kept busy with some projects for Maya Road with CHA coming up in February.

I've been enjoying my sewing a lot lately. I made Hootie the other night. He's already flown from our nest to another, but we enjoyed having him around the house for a few days before he joined another family.


The pattern is by Melly and Me (MO23). There are two versions included in the pattern, Hooty and Tweet (with longer legs). I found the fabric for my Hootie up at Tea Gardens. There's a shop called Black Possum Gallery which I discovered and made several secret trips to purchase some lovely fabrics. The fabrics used for my Hootie are gorgeous coordinating soft flanelette quilting fabrics (unfortunately I don't know the brand). Just perfect for a little baby!

That's about all for now.

Thanks for visiting.


Fiona x