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Tarisota's September Collection : Spring Sojourn

weekly catchup...

Weeks come... and weeks go.... we've had another busy week here in the Carter family.

I've had a few scrapbooking projects which I've been working on. A few have now been posted and on their way to the US to be displayed at Memory Trends. I'll share these when I've been given the all clear!

Emily had her 12th birthday party last weekend, which was a challenge to the ears with twelve 12 year olds (and a couple of little sisters) squealing with delight on a jumping castle. Yes, you read right.... Emily decided she'd like a jumping castle for her party. And I have to say, the girls had a ball. Inside it had a "mouth" that opened and closed, taking the girls to the top of the slide (which you can see on the left).


The girls also decorated cupcakes. I made a huge batch of cakes, provided icing, decorations and 100's & 1000's and let the girls ice their own cakes before eating them. Here's the before and after shots:

Ebday2  Ebday3

Ebday4  Ebday5

All the girls had a fun time. It was nice to have them all together as this is their last year at school together before moving onto high school next year. The party girl was VERY happy too. The party finished with an ice cream cake which we made with layers of chocolate ice cream with meringue and vanilla ice cream with mini marshmallows.


The registration for my latest online class closes this Sunday. The class will be open to students for another month after that, giving unlimited access to the online instructions. Thank you to the ladies who have already signed up for the class.


And finally one of my super favourite stores has opened in our local shopping centre. I found myself in a SMIGGLE store a few years back in Melbourne. I fell in love with the funky designs and colours of their products (mainly stationery). Well, it seems SMIGGLE has crossed the border and headed into NSW, and found their way into Chatswood Westfield. The stationery lovers of this family are very happy indeed! I just couldn't resist a little purchase when we visited the store.


That's about all. We are heading into a long weekend here in Sydney, thanks to APEC. So looking forward to some relaxing and family time!

Thanks for visiting.


Fiona x