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National Trust, Science week and daffodils

While I was away recently, Phoebe and friends went to the National Trust office here in Sydney for the presentation morning for the National Trust Schools Competition.


They were thrilled to be placed second (and received a highly commended award) in the competition. This is what the judges said about their project: "A beautifully presented description of the Suspension Bridge. The three students have clearly and simply described the history, heritage and significance of the bridge in an engaging way."


The original post about the scrapbook can be found HERE. And the competition press release from the National Trust can be found HERE. I was so proud of them.


This week is Science week at the girls school. The senior kids were given a project to create a mobile from objects found around the home. Emily worked with two friends to create this:


Yep, the classic combination of coat hangers, vegetables and ribbon, all strung together to balance perfectly.

Vegemobilecarrot Vegemobilesquash Vegemobileyellow

Then it started raining here this morning, and the mobile was meant to be water proof. Sooo, Emily decided to make the mobile an umbrella. (I'm not sure how much glad wrap we have left in the cupboard... note... add glad wrap to shopping list)


And while I was out this morning with the camera I took some photos of our daffodils. Three months back the girls and I planted our bulbs into some pots.


Well, here's what we've been enjoying over the last couple of weeks. They are so bright and happy.


Daffodil1 Daffodil2

That's about all for now! Thanks for visiting. Hope you're having a great day :-)


Fiona x