a couple of scrapbooking projects
a Maya Road project (sneak peek - CHA Summer 07)

a quick catch-up

I feel like I've been MIA over the last week. Lots of things, good and sad, have been happening around our house over the last week or so.

My girls continue to make me so proud of their achievements and who they are as individuals. So many good things are happening in their lives at the moment.

The album Phoebe and her friends created for the National Trust, has been shortlisted, and they are in the final round. They've been invited to morning tea at the National Trust office in the city next term where they will announce the winner. It is just fabulous that they have had the opportunity to take part in this competition.

And Emily just amazes me the way she is growing up and what she is achieving at the moment. Absolutely incredible, gorgeous girl!

My mum is out of hospital, and doing well. Thank you for the well wishes and emails.

And sadly, I am taking Emily to the funeral of one of her classmates this afternoon.

Thank you for visiting my blog, for your comments and emails recently. I read and appreciate them all.

Hopefully this week we will return to our slightly normal life.

Bye for now.

Fiona x