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I like to encourage my kids to use some of their scrapbooking skills in their school work whenever possible - particularly in their school projects.

Phoebe and two of her classmates decided to enter the National Trust Schools Competition this year.

For many, many weeks they have been researching and working on their project. They had to choose a local site of heritage significance and prepare a presentation on its significance to the community. They chose to study an old bridge in our area, the Suspension Bridge between Cammeray and Northbridge.

They went to the Heritage Centre at the Stanton Library at North Sydney to look up old records. This part was great as they were able to read old newspaper articles about the bridge and were able to find lots of old photos.

Anyway, the project was finished last night (yeah!) and Phoebe and I delivered the project this afternoon to the National Trust office in the Rocks. I just thought I'd share some of the project here. They created a scrapbook in a Maya Road chipboard binder album, and wrote it from the perspective of the bridge, telling the story of it's life in a scrapbook.

When I started working with them on this, they were very reluctant to hand write anything in this book, they wanted to write it all on the computer and print it out to use in the scrapbook. Well, I'm so proud of them, because they wrote a beautiful story and then HAND WROTE THE WHOLE STORY in the book. I think that's a great effort for 8 & 9 year olds.

Here's a few of the pages:

Bookcover Bookintro Bookpage3 Bookpage5 Bookpage6

Bookpage7 Bookcover1

I actually learnt a lot about this bridge, too. I would have crossed it probably 1000's of times in my life. (I have lived in the area now for 30 years, sometimes crossing it several times a day since my school days) and I didn't realise the history it has and the changes it has gone through. Very interesting indeed.

Thanks for reading this far, and for dropping by.

Fiona x