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Looking back...

Well, I really should be working on the final details of a band workshop I've been organising with a couple other mums from school. The workshop is tomorrow, and I will be glad when its actually underway.

But I got a bit distracted while sitting here at the computer...

I've been receiving newsletter emails from US stores about their Memorial Day weekend sales, and I thought, we were in America on the Memorial Day weekend - two years ago. So I went looking through our photos and went on a little trip down memory lane...

Two years ago today we'd been in San Diego for a week.


We'd been shopping during the day. Here's Phoebe showing off her new purchases, new shoes, new skort (a skirt and shorts in one), new poncho and I'm sure there's a new t-shirt under there somewhere:


We were going to La Jolla for dinner.  We found the most fantastic little Thai restaurant and had one of THE best thai meals ever. (I loved all the street flags, so colourful) :


And it was the Memorial Day weekend holiday. There were American flags flying proudly EVERYWHERE. (That's Emily at the bottom of the flag pole):


That's it, that's my little trip down memory lane! LOL

Thanks to everyone who has booked into my latest online class, Journal Jottings. The class is open for another two weeks, so you can join in at any time, visit the online classroom at anytime to view the step by steps for the class layout. Look forward to you joining me. Here's a few sneaky peeks:

Journalsneak1 Journalsneak2 Journalsneak3 Journalsneak4

Hope you're having a great weekend

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journal jottings : new online class is now open

My new online class is now open and my first newsletter has been sent. This class will run from today until Monday 11 June. Once you have registered and your payment has been received, you can enter the online classroom whenever you please, as many times as you like.

Here is a sneak peek of my class, JOURNAL JOTTINGS. You can find more details at .


I've had a few emails asking whether international visitors can take the lesson. The answer is YES, with payment via PayPal. You'll be directed to the PayPal site once you've ordered the class on my site. I also have a currency converter on my online lessons page so you can convert Aussie dollars to your currency.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you're having a great week.




RAK draw and other stuff

If you've visited my blog before, you will know my girls like to make videos of the RAK draws I do here. And that's what they were going to do this time.

Well, the script had been written, the bunnies had been trained and all your comments/names were printed out and cut up. This one was going to be BIG, a hit!! The only thing was, most afternoons this week, the girls have not been home at the same time, together, to be able to make their video. So unfortunately, that idea has been shelved for the next RAK I do.

Emily is on her way, as I type, to her band camp for the weekend. So that left Phoebe and I to draw some winners this afternoon. So here we go....


The first name out was Regina, from Sweden. Congratulations, Regina you win the following pack of Maya Road goodies (thanks to Maya Road):


Because there were so many gorgeous comments from you, I've decided to have three other little packs of Maya Road goodies, which I'll put together over the weekend and send out to the following girls:




Just in case you can't read the names.... congratulations to Jen from Canada, Paula C and Marlou from Northern Ireland.

I'll email you over the weekend girls, but if you pass by before that, can you email me your mailing addresses.

I'd just like to thank everyone for visiting my blog and leaving your comments. I'm slowing trying to visit your blogs too, if you have them. I enjoy seeing everyone's work.

To end the week, I thought I'd share a few favourite photos from this week.

The girls have recently discovered my old typewriter. It's quite funny, they sit there typing their stories on it, because they say they like the old looking type. I haven't the heart to tell them they can get the same look on the computer using a font like GF Halda. This was actually my second typewriter I owned through my college days. I look at it now and can't believe I typed all my college assignments. Oh, to have computers in the olden days! Here's Phoebe typing one of her novels:


Mother's Day cake. It may have been small, but it was rich and delicious:


Phoebe playing the euphonium with her band. It was the band's first official performance this week at Education Day. They played so well together in front of the school (that's over 700 children) and the officials and teachers who attended the day:


i Love photographing kids craft and art. This is Phoebe's Moroccan inspired puppet on display in her classroom this week for Education Day:


And for all you felt lovers out there, I'll leave you with this little image:


Thick wool felt flowers. They are about 5mm thick and gorgeous. I visited a fabulous local store which I love this morning and found these in a little bowl. Of course, I couldn't decide what colour or size to buy, so bought myself a good variety of them all :-))

I hope you have a great weekend.

Tonight I'm on parent duty at the band camp - the kids are having a trivia night... mmm, I hope they aren't relying on me to help, I'm hopeless at trivia. Then the duty parents have to try to settle the kids and convince them to go to sleep. Apparently duty parents are not allowed to leave the camp until there has been silence in the cabins for at least half an hour. Wish me luck, I'd really like to be home before midnight.

Thanks for visiting.




it's RAK time

As promised earlier in the week, its RAK time.

I have a pack of Maya Road goodies looking for a good home.

All you have to do is leave me a comment to THIS POST. You have until Monday night to leave your comment. On Tuesday I'll put all the names in a draw, and pick one out - easy!

I'd just like to thank you for your lovely comments you've been leaving about my last post and Phoebe's competition project. I'm glad I shared it, as I think it showed there's a lot that our kids can take from scrapbooking for their school work.

Hope you have a great weekend. And I'll be back early next week with a winner.




scrapbooking goes to school

I like to encourage my kids to use some of their scrapbooking skills in their school work whenever possible - particularly in their school projects.

Phoebe and two of her classmates decided to enter the National Trust Schools Competition this year.

For many, many weeks they have been researching and working on their project. They had to choose a local site of heritage significance and prepare a presentation on its significance to the community. They chose to study an old bridge in our area, the Suspension Bridge between Cammeray and Northbridge.

They went to the Heritage Centre at the Stanton Library at North Sydney to look up old records. This part was great as they were able to read old newspaper articles about the bridge and were able to find lots of old photos.

Anyway, the project was finished last night (yeah!) and Phoebe and I delivered the project this afternoon to the National Trust office in the Rocks. I just thought I'd share some of the project here. They created a scrapbook in a Maya Road chipboard binder album, and wrote it from the perspective of the bridge, telling the story of it's life in a scrapbook.

When I started working with them on this, they were very reluctant to hand write anything in this book, they wanted to write it all on the computer and print it out to use in the scrapbook. Well, I'm so proud of them, because they wrote a beautiful story and then HAND WROTE THE WHOLE STORY in the book. I think that's a great effort for 8 & 9 year olds.

Here's a few of the pages:

Bookcover Bookintro Bookpage3 Bookpage5 Bookpage6

Bookpage7 Bookcover1

I actually learnt a lot about this bridge, too. I would have crossed it probably 1000's of times in my life. (I have lived in the area now for 30 years, sometimes crossing it several times a day since my school days) and I didn't realise the history it has and the changes it has gone through. Very interesting indeed.

Thanks for reading this far, and for dropping by.

Fiona x

donna hay inspired layout

A challenge for me was to create a layout "when inspiration strikes"

So I headed to one of my favourite magazines, DONNA HAY, and started flipping the pages. I got to this page:


I had admired this cake many times before, and always loved the marshmallow heart on top.

Here's my layout, inspired by the cake:


Felt, felt, felt:


Love these Hambly Studio transparencies:


Have a good week.


Fiona x

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Happy shopping.


weekly catch up

Really quick catch up, here while I'm having a cuppa tea :-)) Life just seems to be really busy with the girls at moment and time is flying by. Here's a few random ramblings:

Thought I'd share one of my favourite photos from the past week or so. It captures a few of my favourite things... my family, a sunny autumn Sunday in Sydney, a great cup of coffee, some relaxing time together.


This photo was taken Sunday week ago when we went down to Chowder Bay (Clifton Gardens) on Sydney Harbour. We'd heard one of our favourite coffee places had opened up somewhere amongst the old military buildings. Well we found it. BACINO BAR (famous in my opinion for it's "hole in the wall" cafe at beautiful Dee Why beach) has a tiny little kiosk in an old bunker over looking Chowder Bay. And it also has a cafe just up the hill over looking Sydney Harbour. After our coffee we then walked the headland round to Balmoral Beach and back, just beautiful...


Emily cooked this last night:


Absolutely delicious. The girls decided to host a 'surprise' birthday party for their dad last night (he's birthday is actually end of this week). They cooked dinner, hamburgers for our main and Emily's berry bread and butter pudding for dessert. A little tip, Emily used Tip Top's Golden Crumpet bread in this pudding and it was sooo yummy! (Thanks Donna Hay for the recipe)

And although it is only the beginning of May, my front garden thinks its spring. I was surprised to find these little rays of sunshine on the weekend.


We are growing strawberries! Highly recommend these for the kids to grow, nothing much seems to kill them (not even too much love and attention), they just need a little sunshine, and the kids love picking them from the plant and eating them right away!!! {and I think they look really pretty growing in a pot}


Well that's about all.

Have a great week.

Thanks for visiting!

Fiona x