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oh, what a night

sitting in a sea of red and white, with the occasional splash of purple...

sydney swans vs freemantle dockers...

joining 61,373 fellow AFL supporters...

a perfact balmy evening in Sydney...

remembering the days when Paul and I (this is pre-kids, even pre-marriage) would go to a Swans game and have a whole section of a grandstand at the SCG to ourselves (the swans haven't always been this good)...

Paul telling his story to the girls, of how I only went to the Swans back then to impress him (yeh, right!)...

singing the swan's song over and over and over again at the end of the game...

"we're going to melbourne, we're going to melbourne" chanted throughout the stadium...

the swannies have made it through to the end for the second year in a row...





If you look very closely... very, very closely... you will see a little yellow smudge near the goal posts... that was the little yellow ball being kicked through the goal posts and the Swans scoring, yet again....


The guy a few rows in front of us liked his flag....


Emily with her poster outside Telstra Stadium...




My gorgeous neice

Just look at my gorgeous niece, Maddie! It is her last day of school today, and here she is going to her Valedictory Dinner tonight being held at Sydney University.


The girls and I didn't realise when we visited my parent's this afternoon that Maddie and her mum would be dropping by on their way out to the dinner. The girls were so excited to see Maddy all dressed up. She looked just beautiful.

My dad was accompanying Maddie and Jill to the dinner, in the absence of my brother. Here's Maddie and her mum (my sister-in-law), and with her poppa (my dad).

Maddie2 Maddie3

Next month Maddie sits the HSC and then is finished school. It seems like yesterday I held her little hand at my wedding on this very balcony at my parent's house. She was three years old and was my beautiful little flower girl.

Hope you had a great night guys! I look forward to hearing all about it.



Latest SM

The latest Scrapbooking Memories is out, and it was my turn to prepare the step by step. This time I was looking at using office supply products. I created a few non-layout projects for this one, which I've included below.

This was a spiral bound exercise book which is covered with Making Memories papers. I made a matching set of colour pencils to go with the book.


This little mini tag book is made from a set of tags I bought from Kikki-K. I love this store. The tags are held together with a coloured hinge ring. I've used cloth letter tabs for Emily's name across the top.

Tagbook1 Tagbook2

A little mini clipboard to hold my favourite photo is below. Paper Salon paper, letter stickers and die-cut tags have been used here with some Ribbons Galore ribbons.


Clipboard3 Clipboard4

Lastly was a little mini book created with a metal fastener covered with ribbons.


Thanks for looking.


Catch up from last weekend

Last weekend we headed to our beautiful Hawks Nest for a few days. It had been a couple of months since our last visit. Between the rain we've had over the last couple of months and (when it's not raining) the weekend soccer games, there hasn't been much opportunity to pop away.

We had an eventful trip (car wise). On Friday night I drive over a large object on the F3 travelling at 110kms. From what I saw, it looked like a wooden bookcase. I managed to drive straight over it, but it hit the underneath of the car. So I pulled up, Paul and I were looking under the car for damage on the side of the freeway (that is a scary thing), and found some water leaking from somewhere. We decided to keep going and arrived at Hawks Nest safely.

The next day I got in the car, turned the key in the ignition, and the car wouldn't start. We had been out in the morning, so knew the car was alright from its ordeal the night before. Anyway, totally unrelated to the bookcase incident, we needed a new battery for the car.

Anyway, car troubles aside, we had a very relaxing time. Had a delicious breakfast out at the Boatshed, sitting over the river on a stunning sunny morning and enjoyed a gorgeous dinner on Saturday night at Tillermans in Tea Gardens.

On Sunday morning, Phoebe and Paul climbed Yaccaba, which is the headland at the south end of Bennetts Beach. Emily and I got about half way up, and decided to return to the beach. Phoebe and Paul continued all the way to the top. And yes, they got the top where Phoebe is pointing below.


This is where Emily and I parked ourselves while we waited for the bush walkers to return:


Back home on Sunday night. I've had Emily home sick this week. Seems there is something going around her year at school. About one third of the kids in her year have been away this week. Hoping she might get back tomorrow, and if not Friday.

I taught out at Scrapabout Australia last night. A lovely group of ladies joined me for my Urban Lily class.

And I have finally finished my new class samples for Scrapabout Australia's. I'll be teaching four classes in the October/November calendar. I'll put up details soon.

Thanks for visiting.


Urban Lily class at Scrapabout

I'm teaching a class next Tuesday night (19 September) at Scrapabout Australia. This is a double layout class using Urban Lily papers mixed with some Heidi Swapp products.

Poolsharkssneakpeek2 Poolsharkssneakpeek1 Poolsharkssneakpeek3

The class runs from 7.00pm to 9.00pm, and I believe there are a couple of spots left. Contact Scrapabout Australia for bookings. If you are booked into this class and have any questions, please contact me.

I continue to receive emails and comments about my SM post. Thank you for taking the time to write. And I had no idea Gidget was viewed (and remembered) by so many. Thank you!

Have a fantastic weekend, and thanks for dropping by my blog.



Class follow up

There were two lovely groups of ladies for my two classes last Saturday out at Scrapabout Australia. Two ladies who used to come to my classes a few years back joined me and it was nice to teach them again. I also had a surprise visit from Rochelle and her daughter who came to one class. It's also nice to see familiar faces returning to my classes from the regulars out at Scrapabout.

The mini class book was well received. In this class, the ladies make the little book from scratch. They start with five pieces of paper, some chipboard and ribbon and turn it into a book. I find it so satisfying as a teacher to watch ladies make something like this book, and to show them they can do it. I spotted several of them buying more paper to go home and make more little books.

As usual I was very slack with my photo taking during the classes. I was there from 9.30am to 4.30pm and this is the one and only photo I took!! I wasn't even going to use this photo, I was just setting my camera to take a nice one with everyone sitting around, and got distracted and never returned to my camera. Maybe next time...


So thank you Leanne and all the ladies who joined me on Saturday for having me again at Scrapabout.

I'm working on four new classes for the October/November calendar. They will be ready for the VIP night next week. Contact Scrapabout for more details.

Also, I'd like to thank everyone who has commented and emailed me over the weekend about my previous post. A BIG THANK YOU for all your lovely, supportive words.

Have a great week.



some news

Today sees the end of my time on the Scrapbooking Memories Creative Team.

Scrapbooking Memories has been a big part of my scrapbooking life for the past five years. For the last three years I have worked with them exclusively, writing, creating and preparing samples and projects for the magazine including my regular Scrappin' Step by Step article.

So I thought I'd reflect on my time with SM... Read if you will...

It was 2001. I had been scrapbooking for about six months and I purchased a copy of Scrapbooking Memories magazine that had caught my eye in the newsagency. They had a competition which I thought I'd enter. I photocopied about six of my latest layouts and sent them into the magazine. And waited... and waited... and waited.

A while later I received a phone call from newly appointed editor, Lyndal Stuart. She was very polite and said she liked my work, but I needed to send the original layouts to enter the competition. It sounded like a lot of work just to enter a competition; pack up the layouts securely, get to the post office (I had toddlers, you know), etc, "too hard" I thought. Several weeks passed, and one evening Paul said, "you should send those layouts in, Lyndal wouldn't have bothered ringing you if she didn't want to see your work". So send them in I did.

One of those layouts was entered into the competition and was selected as a monthly finalist. I didn't go on to win that competition. I was beaten by a scrapbooker from the Central Coast.... her name was Rachel Greig. The other layouts, to my surprise, were all published in other galleries. I can still remember the buzz and excitement of seeing a layout of mine in the magazine.

Through 2002 and 2003 I kept submitting. Occasionally I was asked to prepare a step by step for My Reflections.

Caution_page_12_1 Thats_funny_page_12

Bliss_page_12_1 Dune_dwellers_page_12_1

Natures_playground_page_12 Efc_back_to_school_page_12

I even had a few layouts on covers along the way. It was all exciting stuff.

Vol3no5 Vol4no5

Vol4no7 Vol5no9 Vol6no2

I was the winner of the inaugural Scrapbooking Memories Peoples Choice Award in 2002. I remember receiving my magazine in the post, opening it up to see my "Move over Gidget" layout had won. This is still one of my favourite layouts and one I return to often if I'm getting stuck with my scrapbooking. It has many elements which I still like to use today in my layouts.


At the beginning of 2004, Lyndal rang me again, asking if I would join the Scrapbooking Memories team as a Creative Editor. This was a huge step. I really did not know if I could do this. But I knew if I didn't give it a try, I would regret never knowing where that path would lead. So I accepted the offer and joined the wonderful team with Leah, Renata and Rachel R.

P_s_page_1 Oh_so_happy_page_12_6 New_summer_hats_page_1_600_1

Ten_page_1 Read_with_me_page_12 1930_page_1

A_decade_of_love_page_12  Fathers_day_page_12

Fishing_with_poppa_cover Cover

Over the last three years, I've worked with these girls at the Craft Fairs and they have become my friends. I have also become friends this year with Rachel G who joined the Creative Team for 2006. I have had the opportunity to work with and meet so many lovely people who share this scrapbooking hobby.

Thestudio_4 Girls

Work_and_play_page_1 Melb

My last Scrappin' Step by Step will be in SM towards the end of the year and hopefully after that some of my work might still be picked up by the magazine. While this may be the end of this little journey, I will to be able to use the experience and knowledge I have gained over the past five years in new ventures.

If you have read this far... THANK YOU.

Have a good weekend everyone. I'm looking forward to spending the day out at Scrapabout Australia tomorrow with all the lovely ladies taking my classes.



urban lily layout


This layout uses papers from Urban Lily, Pressed Metal Chip Chatter letters and gorgeous flower sequins and brads from Queen and Co.

I'd also like to send happy thoughts to the girls going to the Louth Bush scrapbooking retreat this weekend. Have a huge amount of fun girls, hope you get some scrapping done and I'll look forward to hearing the tales from your weekend next week.

Thanks for visiting.