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Destination.... unknown...

Paul pulled off the surprise of the year, and all for my 40th birthday. He organised a holiday for us and all I was told was to pack for warm weather, that we'd be travelling by plane and I didn't need a passport.

Well, our destination, it turned out, was Port Douglas! Paul didn't reveal our destination until we arrived at Sydney Airport where he told us we were flying to Cairns. Once we arrived at Cairns we were driven about 60km north to Port Douglas. This is such a beautiful place, so warm and relaxed. And a gorgeous way to spend my birthday.

It didn't take us long to get into relaxation mode. We stayed right in the heart of Port Douglas on Macrossan Street, close to lots of cafes, restaurants and shops.

Here's some happy snaps of our break...

Visiting Rainforest Habitat, this is a wildlife sanctuary just out of Port Douglas:



Bike riding along Four Mile Beach at Port Douglas:


Out on the Great Barrier Reef, we took a cruise to the outer Barrier Reef. It was very windy, be we managed to get out and snorkel a bit, saw some beautiful fish and coral. On my last snorkel I spotted a giant turtle, and followed him around for a while! I think Phoebe was a little disappointed that Nemo didn't come up to her for a chat.





I managed to fit a few of these in on our holiday:


... and a few of these (there's something about icecream cones on holidays):


The girls loved the pool at the apartments:


Last day, taken at Four Mile Beach:


It had been 14 years since we (Paul and I, that is) had last visited Port Douglas. Very importantly, it is where Paul proposed to me at this table in the park by the Inlet one evening in May 1992. We took the girls there to show them "that table". I don't think they were very impressed and certainly didn't "get" the sentimental importance of this green table. Anyway here it is, how life has changed for us in those 14 years!!!


So a very memorable 40th birthday for me. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. As Julie Love told me 40 is the new 30, and I certainly think I'm off to a great start for the next decade! Thank you to my gorgeous family for making it so special!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and emails, you are all lovely, and I'm trying hard to catch up.

Bye for now



big, big catch up

There seems to have been lots happening here over the last week.

Firstly and very importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my gorgeous daughter, PHOEBE. It's her 8th birthday today. We woke up to the usual early morning frenzy of present opening excitement that accompanies a Carter-girl birthday.

Pccswanshirt Pccpresents Pccpresents1

Lots of pressies and smiles. The classic girly presents were received - a Sydney Swans Official AFL shirt, a FIFA world cup soccer ball and an i-Dog (which is the cutest little thing - you can plug in an MP3 players and this dog dances and plays the music through a speaker - very cool).

Then it was off to school for the school excursion. Year 2 was visiting the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney today, and I volunteered as a parent helper. Despite the noise and excitement (and that I didn't get my morning coffee until lunchtime), it was lovely to spend the day with Phoebe and her fellow class mates on the excursion.

Yesterday... Cupcakes were decorated and taken to school for the birthday girl, as they wouldn't be in the classroom today. Then a bit of birthday pressie shopping.

Wednesday evening... I taught my "year in review" class at Scrapabout Australia to 12 lovely ladies. Thank you ladies for being wonderful students, it was nice to see so many familiar faces from my last class, and thank you Leanne for having at your store to teach again. I have two more classes at the end of July, contact the store for bookings (although, I think my stamping workshop is currently full). Dates are to the left on the sidebar.

In all my spare time (LOL), I've been working on my latest project for SM.

I received my tickets for KiwiScraps in the mail. That was fun, as I'd forgotton the classes in which I'd enrolled. Receiving the tickets also reminded me to book the accommodation, that's all done now.

Ribbons Galore held its first competition this week, the winners have been announced on the Ribbons Galore blog. Thank you to everyone who entered and listed Ribbons Galore on their blogs.

And I basically can't remember what I did before Tuesday!

Thank you to everyone who has emailed and left comments here about my little brown bag in the previous post. I have now made a blue/brown version, I'll take some photos of it on a bright day. I'm seriously considering taking orders.

And lastly, this being Phoebe's birthday today, means that it is now only one week until my FABULOUS 40th birthday. Yes that's right, I'm now entering my last week of my 30's. I'm in good company, there are some fabulous girls from the 1966 vintage, you know who you are.... anyone else sharing this fabulous birthday this year????

I hope everyone has a fantastic long weekend.

Bye for now...

Fiona x

i did some sewing!!!

I have been wanting to make up some more samples for the Ribbons Galore Ideas Gallery, so last night I decided I was going to do some sewing (actual fabric sewing, not sewing on scrapbook pages). Last week I visited Spotlight to buy some bag patterns and buy some fabric; I found two cute bag patterns and I have finally made one up.


Here's a detailed photo of the ribbon trim.


It took me about an hour, very quick and its cute and tiny. I used a fine brown cord fabric for the bag, decorated with ribbons and lined it with Amy Butler fabric.

Of course this morning when the girls saw it on the kitchen table there were heated discussions as to who was going to "get it"; Phoebe suggested it could be her birthday present for this week, Emily proceeded to choose ribbons so she could have one "custom-made". All this before 8.00am on a Monday morning!!!

I'll definitely be making more. I was a sewer LONG before I was a scrapbooker, and it felt good to be sewing fabric again!

Have a good Monday everyone!

Fiona x