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Photography Challenge

Well I'm all inspired after completing my photography course. So I've decided to set a little challenge to all of you budding photographers who may stumble across this blog entry over the next week.

It is a Christmas photo challenge with a difference. We've all been busy taking photos of our kids in Santa hats (or if you haven't - you better hurry up, its less than four weeks til Christmas). Now, I don't want to see them! What I would like to see are the Christmas photos of your pets - whether silly and ridiculous or cute and cuddly - start taking those photos. All the furry, scaly, fluffy, leathery, feathery friends dressed up for Christmas - send them through. Miss Roxy Archer has to respond, as must Miss Fluffy Goodsell and of course the beautiful sisters, Sarah and Roxy Love.

Send me a photo of your pet in their best Christmas gear and I'll pop it into the Christmas pets challenge album here on the blog. Also include your postal address, I'm not promising anything, but there may be a small RAK involved for those who respond to my challenge.

Have fun, and I'll look forward to a few emails through the week.

To start things off, I'll go first... here's our gorgeous little Butterscotch, dreaming of bigger things...


Christmas Blitz class

Below are some samples for the Christmas Blitz lesson I'll be teaching at Forever Always in Dee Why on Wednesday 14 December at 7.30pm. We will be using Basic Grey Blitzen products to make some bookmarks, Christmas cards (a few styles will be available from which to choose), and making and decorating the BG Blitzen Matchbook (photos optional and easily added after the class).

Hope to see you there!



Fabulous Fontwerks

I have some exciting news. I had the wonderful opportunity to create some layouts and projects for Kah-mei and Fontwerks. It is soooo exciting to now see the projects in my own little gallery.

I had so much fun playing with some yummy new Fontwerks products. New stamps (including sets designed by Elsie Flannigan and Tia Bennett), new papers and rub-ons. There is a paper collection named after my little home town, Sydney, just love it!!

It all started back in May or June this year with Kah-mei searching for her Fontwerks design team. I was soooo excited when Kah-mei asked if I'd be a Friends of Fontwerks guest for the November gallery.

I'd like to thank Kah-mei for including me in the FOF team, it's truly been one of the scrapbooking highlights of my year to work on this project. She is running such a fabulous company, with a great range and variety of products and has an eye for gorgeous designs. Thank you, thank you!!


Sonny the sandman

He's the inspiration behind my current blog banner - LOL! Just thought I'd pop Sonny into my gallery here. We had so much fun making him, I hope he visits us again this year...

Journalling reads:

"I love snowmen, particularly the snowmen dressed up as Santa Clause. It’s not that I’ve ever made one; no snow at Christmas time being the major obstacle, one small disadvantage of living in the Southern Hemisphere – we celebrate Christmas in summer.

It was time to set things straight, we can still experience the joy of this activity; we may not live in a winter wonderland, but we have plenty of sand and warm summer afternoons, one huge advantage of living near the coast!

So, one afternoon when we were at Hawks Nest, I gathered buckets and spades, Santa hats, two enthusiastic girls, a not so eager husband and a lot of Christmas Spirit and headed to Bennetts Beach. With the construction zone marked out, sand dredging commenced. A solid base of wet sand was laid down followed by final shaping of our sandman. The decorations were easy with an abundance of sea shells and drift wood scattered along the beach. Sonny was born! All he needed was his Santa hat carefully placed on his head. He looked so jolly.

He may have only been with our family for a short time that afternoon, but he will be fondly remembered! He may even become a family tradition. I hope so – he brought much joy and magic with him!"