> Our fabulous Christmas pets: Challenge Album

I challenged readers of my blog to send me photos of their animals dressed in their Christmas best. The result is this album, filled with gorgeous photos and Christmas cheer. This album is dedicated to the pets in our lives. The furry, fluffy, scaly, leathery, feathery friends that fill us with happiness. Thanks for dropping by, sit back, have a chuckle and enjoy. Fiona

Mr Crush Hermit Grant
Missy Grant
Miss Ebony Warren, aka Jingles
Bubbles Carter, relief Santa
Butterscotch Carter, reindeer-in-training
Miss Fluffy Goodsell
Miss Roxy Love, Santa's little helper
Miss Chelsea Rose Love, veteran Santa hat model
Max and Chelsea Love, reindeer-in-training
Binford Duffy
Jessica Hamblin, relaxed reindeer
Jessica Hamblin (take two)
The Millar menagerie
Miss Ruby Coles
Miss Ruby Coles & Miss Zoe Coles, Santa's little helpers
Ms Zoe Wind
Quebee de Vries - Me a reindeer?
Youknow de Vries - Santa's little helper?
Oscar Locke
Miss Roxy Archer